March 15, 2010 - submitted by Flor, Argentina

Q. I'm so curious... what really happened to the puppets? Was the tequila as I've heard? Or the atmosphere in Bogota? It seems that the tour got them tired a lot! Poor puppets... I think they deserve some rest :) Haha .. I really hope you enjoyed the whole tour, thanks a lot for coming.
See you soon ...
..We love you! :D

The Oracle replies:

I blame the altitude! I will let you into a secret. I actually left Chris' leg in the back of a car in Rio; it had fallen off and I hadn't noticed. We were reunited very quickly and the following day he was given to the crew carpenter as he had a severe head injury; basically the back of it had come apart. As you can see the puppets took a beating on this gruelling tour and sadly didn't quite make it until the end. It's a shame they weren't photographed well in Guadalajara and of course at all in Monterrey.