March 4, 2010 - submitted by Tatiana, Brazil

Q. Dear Oracle, I would really like to know how did Chris Martin feel about more then 60.000 Brazilians wishing and singing happy birthday to him yesterday (03.02.10) in the Sao Paulo concert? I hope he really liked it. I was there, and I sang with all my heart, as I think everybody did. I would really appreciate if you could answer me because me and all the Brazilian fans wanted to make that night very special for him, who spent HIS day making OUR day, and we would like to know if we got to do it somehow...???

The Oracle replies:

Absolutely! You all made a huge impact at the show. It's an amazing feeling to perform to so many people on a birthday. I was stood with Chris' father and the band's publisher who asked "What were you doing 33 years ago?" and his Dad proceeded to tell us all about Chris' very first appearance.
Chris had a really great day yesterday and received many gifts; though he tries to keep it all low key there was a party thrown for him after the gig and we all had lots of fun.