13 January 2014 / submitted by Jilly, United States of America
Q.  Once again not a question but a comment about Teresa from India's message about Guy, keyboards, and Speed of Sound. She may have been watching this video of Coldplay's performance on VH1 Storytellers during the X&Y era. It does feature Guy on piano which, Chris says, was "a rock and roll first." And a mighty fine job he did. Thanks and love, Oracle!
Nope, Teresa was talking about the official video. In fact, she replied:

Thanks for clearing up that Speed of Sound gaff Oracle! That was clearly my bad. I'll have to join you in detention then. I'm still confused by the shots at 0:34 and 0:59 THAT Guy playing a second set of keys or do I really need new glasses? :) Sorry for the nagging questions! It truly is one of their best videos.

Teresa, if you're reading this, maybe time for new glasses...

10 January 2014 / submitted by Sally, United States of America
I recently met a guy through my graduate program - he works at the library. We went on a couple of dates and I was impressed by his intelligence, respect for me, kindness, and the goals he has. He seems to be a responsible person, he's had this same job for almost 7 years, and he's currently pursuing his second master's degree. The problem is that I found a suspicious-looking item in my room. I found it under the place where he had been sitting. Some friends think it could be drug paraphernalia, while another trusted friend, who used to do drugs, doesn't think so. I don't remember if I found the item before or after his visit, since I initially thought it was just a piece of broken plastic. The problem is, I don't know what else it could be or where it could've come from. No one else has been in my room. When I confronted him about it, he denied everything. He looked really sad. He was patient, listened, and didn't become angry or violent. He asked what he could do to prove his innocence, that he'd like the chance to do so. I don't know what to believe.
I'll be brutally honest with you, I think you played that all wrong. I would always approach suspicion with caution. There was no need to accuse when you could have casually shown him the plastic and asked him if he had any idea what it was - not if it was his.
If it does belong to him and fell out of his pocket for example, I wonder why he would bring it to you room and why he would deny ownership.
It might have fallen off something or been brought in on an occasion you can't recall - given you don't even know if it was before or after his visit.
The good news is this guy must really like you because he's keen to prove his innocence.
The fact you don't know what to believe either means you either have no gut feeling or you don't really trust he's telling the truth. If it's the latter you shouldn't be with him. Without trust you have nothing.
You don't know him very well yet as it's early days but the picture you have painted is of an incredible, loyal, respectful guy, not one of a liar yet you doubt him.
I'm not sure whether you're expecting him to volunteer to a lie-detector test or drugs test but what else can he do?
Here's what I suggest. Either take his word as fact and get on with getting to know him or end it. In the meantime, try to find out what this mysterious item is, that may shed more light on it.
Over to you.

This is a case for a matter of trust in my opinion. If you trust his response and that he wouldn't do anything like that, then you know your answer. If you don't trust his response, then you will know in your heart what you have to do. Good luck! Kate, U.K.

I'm sorry I have to confront you with this, but sometimes people look perfect, while they aren't. If you know your friends for a long, very long time, I think you may trust them better then your boyfriend. If you're still not sure, you should go to the police and ask what it is. But whatever you do, don't follow your boyfriend. If he really is a drug dealer, and he thinks you don't trust him or follow him, you are in danger.
Whatever you do, do it very careful.
Goodluck, Isabelle.

To be honest it's indeed hard to know what's true. If you really wanna know if he's using drugs and he wanna do everything to proof he's not using it, you can ask him if he wanna do a drugs test by a doctor. Let me tell you one thing, some people said at my old job that I'm using drugs that was the reason they sent me home. I was really sad because I'm not using anything. I was thinking and going to the doctor and I ask for a drugs test. After a week the doctor call me and give me the proof that I was totally clean. So if he is really not using anything it's easy to proof it so I hope it is nothing to worry about,
Good luck. Greets Marianne.

Seeing as you only just met the guy there's no way to know if he's telling the truth or not. You simply don't know him well enough yet. My advice to you is to trust your own instincts. If you still feel something for the guy and want to get to know him better, do so. Since you can't be sure if it was him who left the drugs (if it even was drugs) there, give him the benefit of the doubt and just take things easy. If your instinct tells you something is wrong and you feel like he can't be trusted, end your contact with him. If you choose the second option: In the end it doesn't matter whether you were right or wrong about him, because you can't build a relationship based on distrust.
Good luck with your decision! Amanda.

I am touched by your story and I can definitely connect to the heart-wrenching dilemma you are in at the moment. As a young woman in her mid-twenties, I know how rare those guys are - those who keep you guessing, yet all the while show kindness and stability in a relationship. I am therefore inclined to respond by asking you a simple question:
Would finding out what the piece of plastic this guy left in your room change your opinion about him drastically - no matter what it was - drugs or perhaps a broken guitar pick ?
If your feel that he is trustworthy, then better let sleeping dogs lie as they say. If you still have doubts (after his denial and trying to prove his innocence), then perhaps you should still let it go. Here's why, and again I ask you: is the relationship worth risking while you seek the truth about this piece of plastic ? Why not give the guy a chance - listen to Chris Martin's Wedding Bells performance at Apple, you'll see what I mean. Cheers, Irina.

Do you have faith in this person is a more fitting question, actually. What I think you should do is trust him, because it could really just be a piece of plastic or some garbage that he had; another reason you actually asked a friend that used to do drugs and that friend told you that it was meaningless therefore there really shouldn't be anything to worry about. Oh! If your main worry about this being a drug abuse issue, you should know that many people live, hang with or are friends with people that do drugs, just because he does not mean that you have to do it. Remember, it's your life no one can make you do something you don't want to! Tar'n.

You say you don't even know what this item could be, or even if he left it in your room yet you are willing to distrust him. Have you had a bad experience in the past?? Perhaps he seems 'too good to be true' and you are looking for a flaw somehwere. Maybe you need to just trust him, and in time, flags will come up, if he has a problem, it will come to light. Sometimes we can be afraid to hope or dare to believe we have found someone good, or maybe feel we don't deserve them in our life, that fear can cause us to sabotage it, if we are not careful. I hope you can work it out without letting fear cut you off from something good, take care, Laurie.

I think you should follow your heart because you're not dating the drug, you're dating him, and you should trust him. In a relationship you have to be honest, it won't work out if he lies or if you don't believe. If I were you, I would trust him and if you catch him, you'll know what to do then. Roberto.

I think you should believe in that guy. After all, you don't have any proof that the object was from him, and you don't have to lose the opportunity of have in your life someone that respects you and cares about you, because, though you are risking too much, and you don't know him, Coldplay says "if you never try you never know", right? So give him a chance, maybe was a misunderstanding, or maybe you'll regret of this someday or maybe you'll be happy for take this decision, but at least you will know that you gave him the opportunity that he asked, you never know.
Greets from Argentina, Guadalupe.

You are in a very tricky situation indeed. I am a firm believer of giving people second chances. But sometimes our own better judgment is being clouded if it involves a person that we are dating. One thing you may try is to agree with him to take more time getting to know each other through each others friends. Spend time not only between the two of you but also with your friends. That way, your friends may help you see his character more clearly. Hope this helps.
Jennilyn from Philippines.

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10 January 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.

ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 250 words, to before midnight Thursday 16th January.

After previously having a long distant relationship (to some success) for 3 years I've always been extra cautious about falling in love again and forced myself not to get too close to someone to avoid the pain should, most likely, things come to an end. Last year many great things happened including meeting a new girl in the last quarter, who for the first time in over two years I felt I could actually get close to. The problems were, although she's from my hometown she lives currently at the other end of the country on her work-placement year until April, after that she'll return to uni for another year, 3 hours away from me. Her Dad died when she was just 6 & she was once pregnant with her ex, he ran away & she lost the baby during her pregnancy. Traumatising experiences for anyone and she still hadn't recovered emotionally from the latter. She's still emotionally attached to her ex & what they once had.. Even though he wants nothing to do with her and it has an effect on us. It seems to stand in the way of us moving forward or together & my friends and family recommend I give up on her as I'm "wasting my time" & that things shouldn't be this hard at the start of a relationship. I fear she, like I once was, is scared to get closer as she's been hurt badly from a past relationship and clearly still has love for her ex. Yet when we're together things are great. There's just too much time apart during the week & too much time for her to think about it all when she's alone. What do I do? Do I listen to the people who care the most about me? What would you do? Continue or accept that maybe it just isn't right & maybe wont work out? Luke, U.K.

Look forward to seeing your replies.

The Oracle.
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9 January 2014 / submitted by Teresa, India
Q.  Happy New Year Oracle! :)

I have a question about Speed of Sound. Why does the video open with Guy on keys and not Chris? In most of the live versions I've seen, however, Chris begins the song on piano.

Is there a live version with Guy on keyboards, as it is in the video?

Thanks in advance! Love from India.
Eh? Which video are you watching, Teresa? You can join me for detention (see last but one question). It doesn't open with Guy; it's Chris on keys. Maybe the lighting and haircut threw you.
Videos aren't always factual by the way. There is an interesting fact about Guy and this video though. Mark Romanek who directed Speed of Sound got movement out of Guy that had never been witnessed before. That's totally true.

9 January 2014 / submitted by Chloe, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi dear Oracle,
I was wondering what Miller's role was exactly towards the band. We know that he is partly in charge of the multimedia things as doing photography and video footages, then writing his Roadie#42 blogs. But I guess those things don't take him all of his time, so what is he doing aside from this, in the studio, etc? I am quite curious about that.
All the best for the new year and cheers to all the roadies!
I hope he doesn't mind me saying so but Miller is quite possibly the busiest of anyone behind the scenes. It takes a lot longer than you think; he's constantly working. The video footage - whittling down, editing and creating is very time consuming. Whenever you see Miller be it in a car, in departure lounges, planes, backstage, onstage (you get the idea), he is working.
At the live shows he started as Chris' piano/keyboard technician and is now is in charge of all Pro Tools.
He's always the last to arrive at an aftershow party - if at all - due to his unshakeable conscientiousness. Oh and that amazing Christmas Lights video we had on the home page over Christmas, yup, that was Miller. Respect.
Oh and I swear he didn't pay me to say any of this!

9 January 2014 / submitted by Mayur, United Kingdom
Q.  Not a question but a reply to the Beatles T-Shirt question. I thought it was to do with Red Nose Day as they were wearing the RND t-shirt which happened to have The Beatles on it.

Thats all :)
Thanks, Mayur. If the question asker had mentioned the red noses, that would have more than helped! I have no idea why I wasn't at that show to see it with my own eyes but I feel stupid now so have set myself a detention as punishment.

8 January 2014 / submitted by Christianne, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle! :)
I was listening to one of my favorite Coldplay songs the other day, and I noticed when the lyrics
"There's a tiny little crackle on the telephone line
Saying what use the metal if the metal don't shine?
She said bring me back a ring cause I really want one.." are sung, there is a very deep voice audible in the background. Who is that? I didn't think it was Chris because you can hear him singing clearly in his normal-high voice. (if you can see what I mean).
Thanks so much for answering!
Much love, Christianne
We've had a similar question to this before. Unfortunately, The Goldrush is one of those songs where it's hard to know who was singing what because there are so many voices. You can hear Will & Chris taking lead vocals and Jonny often sings low backing vocals (as do Will & Chris). In this case I'd assume you can hear Jonny & Will.

8 January 2014 / submitted by Luis, France
Q.  Bonjour Oracle,

Think this is an important question that 20,000 people want to know. At 02 concert in London, December 16, 2008 Chris, Guy, Johnny and Will wore a Beatles T-Shirt during the Encore... Why did they wear it??

Merci beaucoup...
Other than the band being fans of The Beatles perhaps Sir Paul McCartney was in attendance.
Other than that, this fact probably isn't the reason but is interesting nonetheless: Dec. 16, 1969, John and Yoko begin a worldwide billboard campaign with War Is Over (If You Want It), Happy Christmas from John and Yoko.

8 January 2014 / submitted by Audrey , United Kingdom
Q.  What was the inspiration behind the song Run? It's my nephew's favourite song and he has set me a challenge to find out what inspired the song. Many thanks, Audrey.
It's probably best to ask Snow Patrol as it's actually their song, not Coldplay's. Sorry!

8 January 2014 / submitted by S, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,
During my free time in between classes at university, I usually sit in the computer lab in the department pertaining to my field of study.
Yesterday a professor made a remark about my weight for the second time (the first time being in a full classroom). Although this time he was more subtle, his remark still really bothered me. I can't help but think that I should spend my time elsewhere to avoid running into the professor. Would I be right in doing so? And, should I respond to the professor or just be silent if it happens again?
Thank you in advance,
I can understand why you are trying to avoid your professor, but it's not right to avoid him. His behaviour is totally unacceptable. You need to address the situation to resolve it. I don't think you should stay silent. The way I see it, you have two choices, you either go to the headteacher or you respond to it. Whether you say it privately now or publicly the next time it happens is up to you. Maybe even take a friend with you if you decide to confront the situation but either way, you say loudly, clearly and assertively that you find his comments offensive, inappropriate and unprofessional. Tell him you will not tolerate it and won't hesitate to report him if he continues to make personal comments.
In the meantime, it may be worth speaking to people who were in that full classroom to see if they'd be willing to confirm what happened if you take further action.
Personally though I'd be going straight to the top. I know that might make classes awkward but that's his problem, not yours.