6 November 2013 / submitted by Henry, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle

Do u know what happened to the Coldplay puppets used in the life in technicolor II music video because I've heard the band still have and bring them on their travels around the world and just saw some pics on the site but I was never sure what's the story behind it all ?

Thanks for your time
The puppets have a new owner now. They were sold in February 2012 and the proceeds were donated to Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people.
They joined the band on the road but only prior to sale so the photos you will have seen are from the last tour.

6 November 2013 / submitted by Millie, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle, I recently sent my postcard to Phil Harvey and I was wondering if I get any confirmation that he's received it? Thank you.
p.s- can you reveal anything about LP6? :)
Thank you for sending your postcard, Millie but I'm afraid we won't be tracking each one. It wouldn't be practical but hopefully it arrived safe & sound.
I'm sure you won't be surprised that I won't be revealing any news about LP6 - Anchorman is the news guy around here.

6 November 2013 / submitted by Priscilla, Netherlands
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I've noticed that Chris' nose almost touches the piano keys when he is playing and not singing. Just concentration or bad lights during concerts for proper seeing?
It's the way Chris immerses himself in the music. He's not looking at the keys most of the time so it's nothing to do with lights. They can all play brilliantly and know all the songs well enough that I'm sure they'd play the right notes in the pitch black!

6 November 2013 / submitted by Merlin, Mexico
Q.  Me and my best friend, we both like Coldplay a lot, but he says that he hates Yellow because it reminds him to his ex-grilfriend hahaha! What should I say to him?
Don't say anything - do something. Make a nice new memory to that song so that he thinks of you instead.

5 November 2013 / submitted by Luninefrendor, Mexico
Q.  Hello Oracle What do you know about We're a Team by Coldplay from the Hunger Games?
That title isn't a new song; it's the name for the instrumental music used in the film that features Atlas hence it having another writer also credited.

5 November 2013 / submitted by Sarah, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,
My roomate sprays her perfume ALL THE TIME. She puts it on about every hour and sprays WAY to much. It makes the room smell so bad all the time, I can hardly even breath. What should I do? Thanks!
Is it definitely perfume? I hope it's not that appetite suppressing room spray...

Maybe she does it because she thinks your shared home stinks, so if you prefer to assume she's spraying it to mask other smells, get some scented candles or joss sticks to give the place a nice fragrance.
If nothing else, it may start an odour conversation.
Alternatively, why don't you ask what it is and then say, "I thought so, that doesn't agree with me"
Followed by, "do you mind me asking why you put perfume on so regularly?" It may be that she thinks it's worn off so this way if she says that, you can tell her it doesn't.
Whatever her reason, gently suggest that given you share your living space she restricts her spraying as it's aggravating your chest/nostrils and affecting your breathing.

5 November 2013 / submitted by yzachris, twitter
Q.  Good morning. I found on ebay a Coldplay Yellow Fever CD ? I'd never seen it before, what is it?
I've never seen (or heard of) it before either. That narrows it down to a bootleg / unofficial CD.
It could be a remix of Yellow but I shouldn't think it's worth spending your money on. Probably just someone trying to cash in so I don't advise you to buy such things.

4 November 2013 / submitted by Graeme , United Kingdom
Q.  Hi, does Chris regret running in to the crowd at Sound Relief ? And what did you think of it? ;-) thx.
Well... Personally for me that was not the best idea Chris has ever had. Possibly the worst! In fact, I'll happily regret it on his behalf.
Ok, so I wasn't there but when I saw the footage, I did think it was one of Chris' more risky moments of spontaneity. I've seen Chris react to adrenalin and the heat of the moment before but this was the heat of the moment quite literally which may have explained the not too clever decision to run. The weather was very warm during the band's set & Chris was looking rather hot by the time they got to the closer, Fix You. It wasn't a good idea for anyone to go charging around after playing a full set. Let's put it this way, if we went back in time, I would hope Chris wouldn't repeat it as he certainly didn't feel well afterwards.

4 November 2013 / submitted by Ana, Spain
Q.  Why is there a old woman in the The Hardest Part's video? Can anybody explain me? I'm a little curious.
Technically they weren't actually there as it was footage from the 1980s. The story behind the video has been answered here before.

4 November 2013 / submitted by Natalia, Mexico
Q.  Hi Oracle, have you made a chorus/ participated in any Coldplay video? Thanks
Yes but nothing quite as exciting as a Phil Harvey cameo role. Regular readers will know that I was in the crowd at the Bolton show when the Fix You video was shot.
I was also in the Christmas Lights video. You can't necessarily hear or see me in either but I assure I was there.