12 June 2014 / submitted by Sue, United States of America
Q.  When MX was out, I read that the band had enough songs left over for another album. Are any of those songs on Ghost Stories? If not, what happens to them?
No. I'm pretty sure that none of Coldplay's albums feature a left over track from a previous album.
They may write a new song on the road and perform it but the song rarely makes the next record - Gravity, Ladder to the Sun, Spanish Rain / Don Quixote, Wedding Bells etc. One obvious exception is In My Place that was written while touring Parachutes and ended up on AROBTTH.
Songs aren't thrown away per se and there will be demo versions at least but that doesn't mean we will ever hear them. The band do sometimes go back to lyrics, hooks and elements that they liked and pick them up again for something new.

12 June 2014 / submitted by Ma edeh, Iran
Q.  Hi!
I just wanna know why Coldplay played Crest of Waves for sound check? Does it have a particular reason?
Thank you :-)
I was at the sound check in Paris on 28 May where the band played Green Eyes & Crest of Waves. Green Eyes was played later in the proper show - as it was again tonight in Tokyo.
Sound checks are a rare opportunity to try old songs and if they work out, they may make an appearance in the show or at a later date but sometimes they play songs at sound check just for fun.

11 June 2014 / submitted by Cole , United States of America
Q.  I am from Colorado in the United States and we have one of the most beautiful concert venues in the world here called Red Rocks. It is absolutely stunning to see a concert here as it is nestled in the mountains and I am curious why Coldplay has never played here. I know it's not the biggest venue but have they ever played here? Cheers
WHAT?!? Ooh Cole, we are well aware of Red Rocks. Not just because of the legendary U2 performance in 1983 but because Coldplay DID play there twenty years later!

11 June 2014 / submitted by Zi, Malaysia
Q.  Is it the stage in the video uploaded on YouTube for A sky full of stars (TV special) is the one that Chris Martin mentioned which cost about 2m to build?
The TV special - Coldplay: Ghost Stories - was the stage that Chris was referring to when he said it was too expensive to re-create for every show but I'm pretty sure he was half joking / exaggerating the £2 million cost of it - though it was VERY expensive.

11 June 2014 / submitted by Mauricio, Mexico
Q.  Play Amsterdam again!
OK! Don't know when and where but I'm sure that will happen again one day.

11 June 2014 / submitted by D, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle
Do the band mind if we take pics of them at concerts? May seem a silly question but I am due to see them live and know how I would feel if someone took my pic without permission!! ;/ Thanks!
As long as you're not using a camera that has a detachable lens - i.e. a professional one - you are more than welcome to take photos. That is why we encourage you to upload your photos to our Live section.

10 June 2014 / submitted by Melissa, United States of America
Q.  Do you know where the Violet Hill video was filmed? It's absolutely lovely.
The location was Mount Etna & Catania, Sicily. I assume you're not referring to the alternative Dancing Politicians video...

10 June 2014 / submitted by Eleanor, United Kingdom
Q.  My Dad and I love the new Ghost Stories Album, can you tell me if track 9 is a 'Zero' or an 'O'. Thank you for all the great Music, hope to see you live sometime soon. Els
It's O not 0 (not a zero).

10 June 2014 / submitted by Maria, Venezuela
Q.  Hey, O!
Why Harmless isn't part of Parachutes? It's a really great song, it should've been on the album. Greetings from Venezuela!!!
Harmless wasn't actually written then; it was written after during the AROBTTH era.
Many songs were written for that album (and subsequent ones) that didn't make it.
There can be different reasons why these tracks don't make the album - including but not limited to - it doesn't fit the style, it's not good enough, it was ear-marked for a b side, it was written too late or the band (& their inner circle) don't agree on its inclusion.

9 June 2014 / submitted by Dominik, Hong Kong
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I am a big fan of Coldplay and Snow Patrol. I once read that Snow Patrol had been on a tour with Coldplay long ago but couldn't find any of their collaborative works. It would be wonderful if you can provide ways of finding those songs/footages. Love from Hong Kong.
They haven't collaborated. Snow Patrol opened for Coldplay in 2009 on the U.S leg of their Viva tour but they didn't play anything together.