17 January 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.

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I have been feeling like a... loser, that's the word, lately. The reason? I'm 19 and I've never kissed a girl or gone in a date with any, no question there's never been anything further than that either... I am really self confident, and I do think I'm really good looking but there's something that stops me when it comes to girls, I don't know why... Also, I don't know if maybe I'm waiting for a Hollywood movie kind of love/girl but those don't really exist... What can you say about the situation in general? Any advice? Fer, Spain.

Look forward to seeing your replies.

The Oracle.
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16 January 2014 / submitted by Aranzazu, Chile
Q.  Dear Oracley, last weekend me and my friends watched Coldplay Live 2012 (which btw is amazing), but for some kind of reason none of us could understand (or even translate) what Chris says at the end of the film. The only thing that we could figure out it was something about chocolate. Could you help us? It seems that Chris' super-british accent took us by surprise!
I can indeed help. Chris says:
"I'm going to celebrate the end of this video with a Cadbury's Button. Do they exist in the future? I dunno, me watching back this video outtakes, are you still eating buttons in the year 2032? Or have they come up with some new kind of new space food chocolate thing which you just inject through your nostril? Without the calories but with all the taste and flavour of that crunchy Button you're about to hear now (we then hear him bite the chocolate). Cheers. (he laughs).

16 January 2014 / submitted by Luis , United Kingdom
Q.  Oracle, please please please I beg you... Answer this question because the answer is killing me.
It is not Coldplay related...

I went to see Let it Be musical. During the breaks, 1 fragment of 2 songs were played in the background (during the commercials). One of them is "I am a believer"... But the other one I have no idea what song it is. It sounds like Bob Dylan or Bob Geldof, I dunno.

Do you know which song I am talking about?

Gracias, merci, danke, thanks, arigato, tack :)
I'd guess it's Bob Dylan because they tend to play music from a similar era during musical intervals. That said, I'm afraid I have no idea what it is.
I was waiting for a film to start yesterday and heard some haunting music. I wanted to know what it was so I used the Shazam App to discover it was a piece from Sleepy Hollow. My phone was on silent of course and I always switch it off once a play / film / musical / gig is about to start.

15 January 2014 / submitted by Matthew, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi there, I was wondering how to go about getting a valuation of the Safety EP. My copy is signed by the band members and contains a message from Chris that reads 'Dear Matt thanks for hanging wid us, lots of love Chris' (I did my work experience with the band in July 2000). I have never considered selling it but am struggling to pay my way through a second university degree. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
You can get it valued by an auctioneer but it's likely the CD is valued at 1000 and the note probably at 500. Anyone who has sold a copy on eBay has benefited from starting at 99p with no reserve. Those that start higher with reserve, don't get half as much as it could fetch.

NB: Just adding a note because I know there's part of this Q that will spark a question that I already get asked. No, the band do not offer work experience placements. This was back in 2000 and hasn't happened since, nor will it. Sorry!

15 January 2014 / submitted by Paul, United Kingdom
Q.  How many wedding proposals have you received?
Are you proposing, Paul? Would you believe since my residency here, I have had one proposal of marriage and two offers of a lifetime of happiness - presumably without paperwork.
Outside of that, it's been a long time but it's happened. I'm not sure there will ever be a Mr. & Mrs. Oracle.

14 January 2014 / submitted by Andrew, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle,
I was wondering whether you could recommend some bands or music? Lately I've loved listening to lots of melodic songs (this is the reason why Coldplay are my favourite band). What bands or artists would you recommend that I may not of heard of that are very melodic?
In our end of 2013 Team Oracle, I invited everyone to share their favourite music of the year. Here and here are the links in case you missed them but I'll throw in some melodic artists that are new(ish) to 2014.
Check out: Hozier, Rae Morris and you may like today's Hypnofeed - Longfellow.

14 January 2014 / submitted by Karen, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle, sorry for wading in on this one but I agree with Teresa about Guy playing keyboards on Speed of Sound. In the shot at 0.59 he is facing in a different direction to Chris and you can see his guitar.
While I hate to disagree with the mighty Oracle and will take any punishment if I'm wrong but please just take another look 'cos it is driving me mad as well now!!
This is the final part of a Guy Speed of Sound video trilogy.
When you see the video's stage set-up, there are two keyboards. The one on the left is the main keyboard that Chris plays, the one in front of Guy to the right is a synth. If you've seen the band live, this is usual.
Three people wrote in to question my reply but if you re-read the question Teresa sent, you will see I am correct. The keyword was open and indeed the video does open with Chris on keys

Case closed.

14 January 2014 / submitted by Sarah, United States of America
Q.  I'm making a short film for my audio/video production class and an upcoming film festival and I was wondering if I could have permission to use more than 30 seconds of the song, Fix You?
No - well, not from us. Signed bands / songwriters do not own copyright to their songs so they cannot grant permission.

You'd have to get in touch with Parlophone Records and Universal Publishing.

14 January 2014 / submitted by Carrie, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle,

I was wondering if it is possible to read all of the Oracle questions and answers there have been. I was trying to find the very first Oracle entry and searched some with no luck. I'm not saying that I'm going to go back and read everything (or maybe I will), I am just curious when it started, how it started, and what it was like at first. Is there a simple way to read through from the beginning?

Thank you for your time!
On 21 July, 2008 Anchorman revealed the impending arrival of The Oracle.
The first Oracle question was answered on July 25, 2008.
There are over 3700 replies so if you are considering reading them all, rather than clicking "OLDER ORACLES" for days, you could manually change the ID number you will see in the address bar.

13 January 2014 / submitted by Vero, Argentina
Q.  Hello Oracle! Is this book official? Or reliable about Coldplay's story?

There are NO official Coldplay books including this one. Martin Roach actually wrote the first unofficial book, Nobody Said It Was Easy, and Viva Coldplay is an updated version of that.
I don't really want to advocate any of the unauthorized books to be honest. This Viva Coldplay book is what I'd call "copy, cut & paste" where all the information is already out there and has been put conveniently in one place. You won't see any exclusives and there is absolutely no involvement from the band.