27 October 2014 / submitted by Kiara, United States of America
Q.  Why did Coldplay choose to sell the song Gravity to another band? I really miss that song and don't like the new version.
They didn't sell Gravity per se. Chris suggested to Danny MacNamara that Embrace record it. They did and it was released as a single and featured on their Out Of Nothing album (2004).
Although Chris "gave" the song away, the way it works is royalties are paid to the original writers even though the performer also earns performance royalties.

If you want to hear the band's version, Coldplay went on to record the song and it appeared on the b-side to Talk.

27 October 2014 / submitted by Gabe, United States of America
Q.  Has the band ever played Easy To Please from the Brothers and Sisters EP live?
I've never heard it or heard of it being played live, no.

27 October 2014 / submitted by Mitchell, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Was Mince Spies ever officially released? Because the version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is amazing!
As always, I point you to the Recordings section of the website. A good rule of thumb: if it isn't there, it isn't a proper release.
The Mince Spies CD was limited & given as a Christmas gift for members of the (now defunct) fan club.

24 October 2014 / submitted by Karolyn, Ecuador
Well, from all this year I have feel so alone, like literally alone because maybe don't like me or because I am different but I really don't know a main reason of why people around me treat me so in this bad way, including my family.
I feel like the the stupid girl everyone knows and ignores and they make joke on me and insult me and if I do something like for defending myself they over attack and shout at me and make me feel so sad. I have to hold all these feeling until I arrive home and lock on my bathroom and cry, because if I cry in my room my grandma and sister will see me and will make fun of it. Sometimes I talk about that with my grandma who I have live with her since I moved to Ecuador (I born in Brooklyn NY but all my family are from Ecuatorians) and tell her that please don't act that way that she is like a mom but the only thing she reply me is "I am not your mom, your mom is dead, if you don't like it here, the door are all the time open for you to leave." And it is horrible because she was my mom's mom and that is really horrible.
I don't have a close friend to talk about this because every person I have met on school had treat me bad and ignores me and I am always trying to be kind at them. I feel hated and I don't know why.
Thanks God this is my last year of High School and I am going to try to walk away from people who are like that to me but I can't go away from my house and go to another country because I am scared to death that while the time I am in another country my grandma die and I won't be able to be with her. This can be strange because of the way she is to me but anyway I love her and I would consider myself a monster if I am not with her until her last days.
So, I know this is really confusing but I really feel lost. Moving with my dad to NY would be worse. I feel that no one understands me. The only person I kinda trust is my sister but like I said before, she later makes fun of me and that makes me feel so miserable with life.
There are a lot of issues to deal with but here are my initial thoughts.
1. You have been through a HUGE life event, well two. Your Mum died and you moved far away (& from your Dad).
2. Your Grandma lost her daughter so it's not just you who is feeling lost.
I really think you need to talk to someone who perhaps isn't part of the family - like a school counsellor or someone via your doctor. The feelings you're keeping inside need to come out.
I can completely understand why you feel like everyone and everything is against you but I suspect that's not the reality but just your temporary truth. Maybe the reason people are this way with you is because of something you're unaware of. Maybe you could ask someone you like, why they stay away from you?
Some kids can ostracise newcomers. If you haven't been at the school from the start, they may not know how to accept you or deal with your situation. That's their problem and hopefully some or all of them will come around but as you say, it's your last year so, keep being kind - that's a good thing.
Your sister is not handling the situation but she has also lost her Mum and it may just take time to get through to her. You have a shared bond so I would try harder with her. Try not to let her making fun of you upset you; that's just her coping mechanism. Tell her it's not funny.
Also try again with your Grandma. You all need each other for love & support.
I wouldn't be surprised if there is anger or a negative vibe that could be unwittingly coming from you. That would be totally understandable given what's happened / happening?
If you can find a way to deal with all that's happened, maybe you will be able to integrate with your family & people at school. It will be hard and may take time but I know you can do it.
Talking about it will help but as I often suggest, write a letter if you think it will help get your feelings heard.
Over to you.

Karolyn, you should know that your family can help you with that, you just need to talk with them and they will understand, that's what family's for.
You should try to make friends, and even if you just make one, try to express yourself and trust him, but you need to know if he/she is a real friend, he will try to help you. Rui, Portugal.

May I ask did you comfort with yourself in your situation? If you did, don't let people described yourself. People commit a crime, that's not their willingness. It's because they suffered, they live with their delusional heart and mind. Just love them, loving people who hate and hurt you. Love your enemy, this is the deepest and the highest wisdom that all religious teaching and philosophy in the world. Sarah, Indonesia.

It's very hard to stay positive when everything around you is forcing you to feel otherwise. I know it feels horrible losing someone you love and have all what's left of them (your grandma) treat you awfully. You have to understand that not everyone is going to be understanding and that the loss of your mother was tragic to your grandmother. People in high-school might be bullying you just to make each other laugh, so try and ignore it because they don't really believe in what they are saying about you. It is overwhelming when you have feelings that you cannot let out by talking to anyone, but there are other ways you can let out your excess emotion. Try doing things you like to let everything go. Try helping your grandmother out because she seems really affected by the loss. Life is good, with everything it brings of trouble and seemingly endless miseries, you just really have to try and understand it and adjust to it well. I hope you all the best with your life. Solaf.

You lost your mom; it must be hard because she is your first relationship and connection to world. Her death might be like loosing your own connection with a world and yourself.
May be you still haven't overwhelmed her death.
Try to imagine that she still lives somewhere. She watches you and tries to help you.
Her message would be to live at the present- take maximum from life. If you think that life will be better back in NY, then go back. Be sure of your decision, not because of your grandma or anybody else, but because of you. Your grandma had an opportunity to live her life, now it's up to you to live yours.
You said that nobody was good at your school although you were nice to them. Well,sounds impossible that NOBODY is good person. Try to remember that on average people are at least OK. Probably there is something inside you that pushes people away, not because they are evil. It might be because of your fears, lack of self confidence and thinking that you don't deserve them. If you move to the other part of the world but keep thinking that people are bad, and blaming them, you'll stay unhappy.
I'll go directly with some advice:
- Never blame the others for anything.
- Forgive everything to everyone.
- Don't feel sorry for yourself.
- Find love, peace and happiness inside you.
- Change your bad habits.
- Focus on studying and working hard.
- Do sports.
Best wishes, Kamili.

Don't let other people's opinions make you feel inferior or ashamed of something you truly believe in- you SHOULD defend yourself. And as you said, you can walk away from people from school after graduation. Unfortunately, I hate to tell you this, but you are going to be judged your whole entire life. And that's not to say it's just you, that's everyone. You can't force change in how people look at you, but you can change how you react to it. How you respond to something is under your control, and you need to have a thick skin. I'm not saying it's easy, because it's not. I'm also in my last year of high school with similar issues, so I can relate.
My suggestion would be to follow your heart and ignore what others think - do what YOU want. Don't let fear take you over. If you truly believe that moving will be in your best interest and the best thing for your future, then do it. I want you to take time to take care of yourself before you worry about others because if you don't, you will be totally beat down- and I can see just in this post you are getting to that point.
I don't know if I phrased everything correctly, but I also highly recommend that you sign up with a therapist (it really does help). I wish you the best of luck and please take time to love yourself. Myrah.

I would like to tell you that their are people in the world who understand your situation and feel the way you do but I'm sure you've heard that before and don't want to hear it again.You're trying so hard to be accepted it's just hiding who you really are, and it getting exhausting having to perform 24/7. You are special, in the midst of it all, all your sadness and despair, you're still here and living. And you should be proud of that because you are strong. Don't shut out people from you're life because I guarantee you their is somebody, somewhere who you can relate to, someone who will learn to love you and grow old with you. You may just be suffering from depression or another disorder, and some therapy or new friends can help you deal with this. Possibly try to befriend somebody who can relate to you, this person could possibly be your neighbor or an account on your computer. Just don't give up hope, you'll be okay. Try to workout issues and problems by using art, music, writing, or just talking about it even if the only person you have to talk to is yourself. Don't change yourself, being a outsider or misfit and being different is a good thing. You were born an original, don't die a copy. Don't worry, it'll all be okay in the end, if it's not okay it isn't the end. Good Luck. Kaylyn.

First of all, I am sorry you feel so alone and feel quite badly that people are unkind to you. You are correct in staying that life will be better in after high school and that is indeed true. In high school you change and often grow out of your friends. I know I did. When you move on to college or whatever you choose to do in the next stage of life, make sure you surround yourself with people who are kind and make you feel cared about and happy. Also, one thing in life I learned is that is we need to teach people how to treat us. Keep that in mind when meeting new people. If they are mean to you, then tell that you don't like that. If they don't listen, then move on. Also, I don't want to hurt you, but have you ever considered that people are picking on you because they know you will react. I know it sounds awful but people often target those who they can get certain reactions from. I wish that people were not like this, but human beings are imperfect and often displace their anger or other emotion on those they view as weak. So, you need to be less reactive or simply ignore people who are not supportive when you are upset. Take action and if you do not, nothing will change. You are truly the only person that can make yourself happy. Marcia.

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24 October 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.

ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 250 words, to before midnight Thursday 30 October.

I was recently diagnosed with Asperger's disorder, meaning I am extremely intelligent but have trouble socially. I have a couple close friends and a boyfriend, and I want them to know what is going on. At the same time, there is a ton of stigma with Asperger's syndrome, and I don't know if my boyfriend and friends would look at me the same if I told them. What should I do? Hannah, USA.

Look forward to reading your replies.

The Oracle.
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23 October 2014 / submitted by Maximilian, United States of America
Q.  What time on average does the band wake up to start the day? Who are the night owls and early birds of the group?
When the band are touring, there are sometimes later nights than usual. At home though, they are less night owls though Chris famously doesn't sleep well.
Anyone who has a young family will tell you, you're automatically an early riser to get breakfast and do the school run, even if you do go to bed late.

23 October 2014 / submitted by Anonymous, Thailand
Q.  Dear Oracle,

I was on the plane the other day and, browsing through the in-flight music on my mini-screen, saw there was an album of Coldplay songs... but they were referred to as "spa versions". They sounded very strange, with Chris's singing replaced with synthesized flutes and stuff. Is this an official CD?!

Best wishes from Thailand :)
No, it's not official. The only official Coldplay CDs are those that Coldplay themselves perform - see our Recordings section. Any instrumental pan pipe* renditions are simply covers that are used for relaxation purposes. There are other CDs that feature Coldplay songs in a different style, such as lullaby versions for babies.

* or other

23 October 2014 / submitted by Adam, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, has Chris ever forgot lyrics to songs while performing live?
Oh yes, that's happened so many times! Chris generally stops the song and starts again. There are certain songs that Chris has repeatedly forgotten parts of which given he wrote them, is quite a funny - and perhaps surprising - thing to happen.

22 October 2014 / submitted by Janet, United Kingdom
Q.  Do you think Coldplay will ever release some songs that do not have Chris as the main vocals? In some of their current songs you can faintly hear the other band members sing melody, and I was just wondering if they will possibly get a solo. Thanks!
Never say never. As mentioned recently, Will has taken the lead & who knows, may again.
I honestly doubt Jonny & Guy would - though as you probably know, both can and do sing.
Obviously, Will, Jonny & Guy are not the lead vocalists of Coldplay and while it's unlikely it could happen but not as a regular change.
Not counting The Beatles or Oasis who shared vocalists, there have been times when another member of a band has sung - Roger Taylor from Queen for example.

22 October 2014 / submitted by Alana, Ireland
Q.  Hello Oracle, nerdy question alert. Did Chris learn singing technique to avoid getting polyps on his vocal chords? He has a great range but I can't imagine the strain all that falsetto, particularly live, puts on his voice. I used to sing, and my teacher had this problem. Told you it was nerdy.

That's not a nerdy question; it's a fair one.
Chris has various techniques for looking after his voice and in fact, Will, Jonny & Guy also have a specific warm-up regime before every show. Chris also uses steam before and, where possible, after a show.