16 October 2014 / submitted by Paddy, Ireland
Q.  Coldplay how are you? Hope all's well. Quick question, I play a lot of trad folk music. When I listen to you guys especially when you strip the songs down in an acoustic style I get a sense of an Irish folk sound at times. Are you guys influenced by trad? Multiple guitar tunings are used in trad to get that droning sound. Also who is the Christy Moore fan and what is Coldplay's favourite Christy Moore song? Ps loving the new songs!
I'd say the band are influenced by all genres of music not traditional folk specifically but it's Will who is the biggest Christy Moore fan - always has been.
I'm afraid I don't know which is his / their favourite track but they chose to perform Ride On (written by Jimmy McCarthy) with Christy at Oxegen festival back in 2011.

16 October 2014 / submitted by Marion, France
Q.  Hi Oracle! I would like to ask you a question I hope you can answer. I wanted to know if the guys get their friends and families to listen to their new records before their official release, or if they make them wait like everybody else, maybe to keep some surprise ;)
Thanks a lot!
It's not about keeping it as a surprise; it's about sharing and asking for feedback. Family & friends - not a great number of people - are asked for their opinion but the band still don't often invite people to the studio while they are recording. Most songs are fully formed and finished when played to anyone.

16 October 2014 / submitted by Patricia, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle! My burning question is one that involves a boy. I have been dating a boy for about 3 months now, and everything was going along perfectly smoothly. That is until I found out he is still texting with his ex-girlfriend. I am trying to understand, I mean they did date for about 5 years. I don't want to break up with him, but I don't like that he texts her. I asked him to stop and he said that it is part of who he is, he can't just abandon people from his past. What should I do? Thanks for any help! Much love from Texas!
He's with you, not her, they are ex for a reason. I'm sorry to put this bluntly, you can't expect him to stop doing something because of your insecurities and he's right to refuse. It's your problem, not his. However, if you've explained how you feel, at least he's aware and may be respectful of that because of course, it IS important how you feel.
At least he's not sneaking around behind your back. He's being open about someone he considers a friend. If you can't handle it, you may have to let him go. I'm afraid if you don't find a way to be ok with it, you will drive him away.
Two other things....
I have friends I don't see now because of their partner not allowing it and that's not because of any relationship history. It's very sad but I respect their decision even though I disagree.
One of my friends always remained close with her ex after they split up. They realized they made better friends than partners so much so, she invited him to her wedding!
It can work, just try and find out how it can for you.

15 October 2014 / submitted by Michael , United States of America
Q.  Hey O. I was curious about what songs the guys have and haven't played live. My question is, what songs haven't the guys played live, ever?
In a way, it's a lot easier to just tell you what they have played. Here's a comprehensive list and anything not on it, they didn't play ;-)

15 October 2014 / submitted by Shady, Egypt
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I know it may be a bit old, but would the band ever consider recording Sweet Marianne?
I wouldn't think that songs from the past will ever be recorded if they haven't been already. As Sweet Marianne wasn't ever released, it probably won't see the light of day (again).

15 October 2014 / submitted by Oscar, Mexico
Q.  Hello dear Oracle
My question is: is considered Rainy Day a part of Viva La Vida due to the similarity of sound?
Rainy Day was recorded during the Viva la Vida sessions but didn't make it on to the album. Along with other tracks that didn't - but almost did - it featured on the Prospekt's March EP. The EP is like an extension of Viva and the Deluxe Edition actually included Prospekt's March.

14 October 2014 / submitted by Andrea, Peru
Q.  So I was searching on wikipedia and I take a look of all songs written by Chris... and no! There are a few of Coldplay songs, did Chris writes all the songs or what?
I think I understand your question.
Chris wrote all Coldplay songs bar one - Sweet Marianne*, written by Will - though the band all have song writing credits.

Chris does write outside of Coldplay; he wrote the anthem for the recent Invictus Games. He has also written for a number of other performers and has collaborated with or featured on other artists records with or without having a hand in the writing.

*Sweet Marianne was played live but never released on a recording.

14 October 2014 / submitted by Greg, United States of America
Q.  When was the last time the boys played Only Superstition? Or for that matter even thought of it.
They played it in 1998 & 1999 but only a couple of times.

14 October 2014 / submitted by Millie, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle, I heard that the song The Goldrush all members sing a verse each. Is this true? If so, who sings which verse?
Thank you!
I don't think that's correct. Will sings the first verse, Chris sings the second and Guy & Jonny are singing backing vocals throughout.
I've spoken about The Goldrush before, if you check using the search field on the right.

13 October 2014 / submitted by Taylor, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle!

Two questions (the latter formed whilst thinking of the first). One, would you happen to have one of the 500* (I think) copies of the Safety EP? I only ask because of your more than likely closer ties to the band than most people or fans. Two, would you consider Safety EP the hardest Coldplay paraphernalia to get?

*I'd suppose, because it's from their early days when they weren't well known, that some might have not thought it up to par and trashed it (this is a scary thought).
One - yes, I do. It's named as a separate item on my home insurance as possibly the single highest value item I own.
Two - Yes, absolutely, due to its limited number. There was only one pressing - unlike the Fierce Panda Brothers & Sisters EP that a had a re-run.

As Coldplay were unknown it may have been "lost" in the great number of demos that DJs, press, label personnel receive but I doubt any would have been thrown away once heard - even by those who didn't love it, including the A&R man who eventually signed them.
Family & friends also got copies but I suspect quite a few went stray one way or another so doubt there are even 500 copies out there.