10 April 2012 / submitted by Ellie, United Kingdom
Q.  In the building where ETIAW was filmed, was the graffiti kept on the walls, or did it have to be washed off?
I have never been to the filming location as it's behind a Private Property sign but a friend of mine who lives close by informs me that evidence of the video is left behind though not all of the graffiti remains.

10 April 2012 / submitted by Kristin, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle!!
Is roadie 42 going to be posting blogs again about the places Coldplay go to during the tour? Like he did in 2009?
It was really cool, almost like you were there with them. :)

Thanks again,

Xo Kristin
He will indeed but #42 doesn't write about every show so please don't be disappointed if any particular one doesn't get the personal touch.

10 April 2012 / submitted by Chloe, Hong Kong
Q.  Dear Oracle, the mighty mighty Oracle,
Hello there! :)
Since the London Olympics is coming I wondered if the boys would stay in London a few days to watch the games? Or, are they on tour at that time?

All the best,
The first part of the Olympics run from 27th July to 12th August the duration of which the band will be on tour. They're performing in Montreal at the start and will play St. Paul the day before the closing ceremony.

5 April 2012 / submitted by Abby, Philippines
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I read a quote from AROBTTH Wikipedia page lately, which says that "For the album's singles, Martin asked Sundsbo what he could do; the latter suggested scanning the head of each member of the band". Then I check out the pictures of the single covers (In My Place, GPASUYF, The Scientist, and Clocks), but I couldn't tell which faces of band members was among what single cover . I could only guess about it. My question is if which head was taken for which single cover? Please Answer. Thanks :)
Abby, Philippines
Solve Sundsbo's artwork for AROBTTH and its subsequent singles is quite abstract. I do struggle myself to work out the covers for In My Place & Clocks but I have no doubt about Will & Guy's likeness.
Here's what I think:
In My Place - Jonny
The Scientist - Will
Clocks - Chris

5 April 2012 / submitted by Samuel, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle

What is Steritonin? Everyone mumbles when I ask them...
I think you mean serotonin. I don't know why anyone would mumble - maybe they don't know what it is but don't want to say that. It's linked to mood so maybe that could be the reason.
Anyway, now you have the correct spelling you can use your preferred search engine to learn more about it.

5 April 2012 / submitted by Ellen, Netherlands
Q.  Hi Oracle!

I'm going to London next week on the 10th and 11th of April and I am planning on visiting The Bakery then. Is there any chance that the guys will be there during that time? Because if there isn't, I'd rather spend my time discovering London;)

Love, Ellen
Discover London, they won't be there!

4 April 2012 / submitted by Arthur, Netherlands
Q.  Hi Oracle,

Was Idiot ever recorded? If so, do you know where to find it?

A demo of Idiot was recorded in the latter part of 2001 during the Parr St. recording sessions for A Rush Of Blood to the Head. I know it exists as I do happen to have a CD-R copy but there isn't a CD available for sale anywhere - unless an unofficial, illegal bootleg is floating around that is.

4 April 2012 / submitted by Sarah, France
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I'm currently looking for an internship. Music is soooo important in my life. I absolutely want to work in the music industry, as a member of the backstage team. Do you have any advice to help me find this internship without having a single contact in the music industry?
Thank you a lot!
Just go to individual websites of labels for example and they will have a vacancy section where internships are listed. You don't necessarily need contacts to get one.

4 April 2012 / submitted by Sara, Spain
Q.  Hello Oracle! ;)
I`m going to Madrid's concert,but the problem is that my train arrives to Madrid at 20:30.So my question is; Can I enter during the support's performance?
Thank you for your time
Greetings from Spain :)
Don't worry Sara, a concert isn't like theatre where you have wait until the intermission to enter if you're late. You can arrive whenever you like.

3 April 2012 / submitted by James, Malaysia
Q.  Hello Oracle,
I was just wondering about what Paris said in the recent interview. He mentioned doing Will's drumkits for the tours. But in the Glastonbury interview, I thought Will didn't own any drumkits at all. Can you clarify the confusion?

Cheers from Malaysia!

p.s. When is Coldplay coming here? Massive fans here
As Will didn't start off as a drummer, when the band met him he didn't have a kit. Obviously when they play live he is playing "his" drum kit - it's not on loan or anything - but he's never had a kit of his own.
Bless him, he obviously sees it as a band purchase but essentially that's what he means about not owning one.