28 August 2013 / submitted by Sriram, Singapore
Q.  Am I allowed to name the album that I am making Random Acts..?
Ha ha ha, I see what you're doing, Sriram. Nice try. Yes, you can if you want to...

28 August 2013 / submitted by Natalie, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi! I was wondering why Chris often mentions the song Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve. In one interview he said that was his favorite song. And in another video, he told a DJ to play it. It's kinda weird to me, because that song is kind of a rip-off from Viva la Vida.
Chris is a fan of The Verve and that really is a song he loves. Bitter Sweet Symphony was released the year before Coldplay formed and ten years before Viva la Vida was written though. Maybe it's the strings that make you hear a similarity. The Verve actually sampled from The Andrew Oldham Orchestra's version of The Last Time by The Rolling Stones.

27 August 2013 / submitted by Oryx, Canada
Q.  Hey Oracle! I was watching a documentary the other day on Coldplay. The part about how they started was pretty inspiring (well, the whole thing was). My question is what kept the band going and motivated all those years before their big break?
The band's career took off very quickly. There were no "all those years" before their big break - more like a few months! They were doing what most new bands do; writing, recording and playing live. They'd got themselves a demo and had sent it out to key industry people but their break came after appearing live at In The City music convention in Manchester.
Our archived timeline shows the band's relatively short history prior to their record deal.

27 August 2013 / submitted by Nathan, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi there,

I was just wondering when you will next be playing in London. I saw the 6th December, but wasn't sure if that was an old gig?

Please let me know,

All the best,

Coldplay played Dingwalls in London on 6 December 2011 so yes it was an old gig.
All you need to do to check dates is look at our live section. This is where you'd find a current touring schedule - if we had one - and also the interactive map showing where we have previously played.

27 August 2013 / submitted by Pipa, Belgium
Q.  I heard that they sometimes go home between two concerts, but do they also go to the UK for one or two days when they are touring in America?
The band travel home in between European concerts but it's far too far to commute to work when they're touring the U.S. That said, they do tend to set their base in New York and travel back there when it makes sense to.

23 August 2013 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
*Please note, due to holidays etc., this is a repeat of last week's question to help Emily*

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday (with the question asker's permission) we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.
ANYONE can join in so, if you'd like to, please email your response to the following question, in no more than 250 words, to before midnight Thursday 29th August.

Basically I'm really worried about my 14 years old sister. Her new friends aren't respectable people, they're all older than her, they drink, smoke, take drugs, have sex. I'm scared because she's REALLY an easily influenced person, plus I found out few months ago that she smokes and her boyfriends tried to have sex with her. I'm only 17 but I'm her big sister, it's my duty to protect her but I really don't know how anymore. I tried to talk to my parents and they had a conversation with her, so now they think it's over and they still trust her but they're wrong. So Oracle, please help me because I don't know what to do. I care about, I don't want something bad happens to her.
Thanks for reading, love from France

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle.
Please email your replies to

23 August 2013 / submitted by Ethan, United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
Could you please tell me more about the song You Only Live Twice. I stumbled upon it and I don't know much about it!
Warm regards,
There's not a lot to tell except that it's a Bond theme cover from the film You Only Live Twice. It was written by John Barry - the band have been longstanding fans of his work - and performed by Nancy Sinatra.
Coldplay covered it as early as 1998 and weirdly that was around the same time Robbie Williams used the string parts for the base of his hit, Millennium.

23 August 2013 / submitted by Chris, United Kingdom
Q.  What songs does Chris Martin plays when he was a teenager? How did he learn those songs because that time, there's no internet? Thanks!
Some people are lucky enough to play by ear. Not literally of course but it means you can work it out by just listening. My Gran couldn't read music but that's how she played the piano - brilliantly too.
Before the Internet there was (and still is) sheet music so if Chris could read music - which he can't - he could have just used those.
I haven't a list of songs he played but he loved U2, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and many more...

23 August 2013 / submitted by Millie, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle.
I recently have noticed that many fans have met the band outside the recording studio known as the bakery. For me, this would be a dream but I was wondering whether there was an address for this? I was planning on writing a letter to the band and I didn't know what address to use! Thank You.
We don't and have never publicized the studio address and so I'm afraid I wouldn't give it out. I'm sorry but we also don't have the resources to accept physical mail which is why we have a contact form for fan email though it's best to let you know that the band don't read or reply personally. As I am sure you can imagine, we receive so many.

22 August 2013 / submitted by Rose, Turkey
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I want to ask you something which I was curious about since the concert. Who is this fabulous Roadie? We loved him too much in Prague show and he got a hell of an applause every time he went on stage check :) Also, did the band had a chance to visit the John Lennon Wall while they were in Prague? It is like a living artwork of MX cover :) Lots of love from Turkey!
His name is Ali. He was the RF technician on the MX tour which is why he has receivers clipped all over him. His job is to look after all the radio gear.

The band didn't have time for sightseeing on the European leg of the tour. The wall looks pretty impressive.