14 January 2013 / submitted by Ethan, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle!:)
I was just curious if the guys wore makeup during the shows? I used to do plays and I too had to wear makeup for lighting purposes. Do they as well?
Thank you,
Ethan (Coldplay 4 Life:D)
Although in musical, dramatic theatre and sometimes television performances make up is worn, no, the band don't wear it. Just imagine how much it would run down Chris & Will's faces with the amount of energy they expel.

11 January 2013 / submitted by Helena, Sweden
I have recently split up with my boyfriend. I thought he loved me and I think/thought I loved him too. We had made so many plans together for our lives and we said that we would always be there for each other, no matter what would happen to us. That meant a lot to me and I will never forget it. It made a mark in to my heart. I am still in that place every time I think about him. But I am now like nothing to him. I do not know what happened, or really why or when and where. All I know is that one day, all of a sudden, he decided that he didn't love me anymore. I was shocked.

He has also stopped all contact with me so I didn't even get the chance to talk to him about what happened. I am air to him.
This, was all so all of a sudden for me, and I am still in that place when he love me. And I him.
How will I get my heart unbroken and my spirit and soul back together again?
I am an 21 year old artist/model and he is a 24 year old musician. Love, Helena, Sweden.
A relationship break up is like a bereavement and hurts like hell. There is no quick fix and I can't tell you any secret to mending your heart/spirit/soul.
All I can say to you is you're not the first person to feel that way and you won't be the last so you can take support from people who know what you're going through.
There is no point dwelling on the promises he made because although he meant them at the time, sadly he doesn't now. It's so tough when somebody you love cuts you out and breaks all contact - you're left wanting answers that may never come.
Time will help but it could take a lot of it so in the meantime, surround yourself with friends and family and do all the things you enjoy doing. Don't let your life come to a standstill, pause by all means but keep moving forward. Some things aren't meant to last forever and it sounds like the time you were with him was time well spent. It's come to an end now and hopefully you will be able to look back at it and be happy for your time together. The heart is very fragile but it does mend so worry not, keep the faith and try not to let your unanswered questions torment you. We cannot make anyone talk, explain or (dare I say) confess things so we need to let go.
If we simply accept that things can happen without any rhyme or reason, we would probably heal a little quicker. That said, don't rush it and give yourself time to grieve the loss of your relationship. I have been in the exact same situation so I will also add that advice is one thing but strap yourself in, it's going to be a very bumpy ride.
One day in the future you will appreciate that this happened but right now I bet that feels impossible. Hang in there.
Over to you.

First of all, I really feel for you... this is a time that is hard to cope with for sure, you will cry and feel sad for a bit. Let that happen and don't rush it or rush into the arms of another person. You need time to figure out what went wrong, not who was to blame but what made it happen, you need to do this so your next relationship can be healthy and happy. You say he won't talk to you, some people do not like uncomfortable conversations, and will avoid them so write him a letter or paint him a picture and get your anger and sadness out. Whether he gets it or not is not the point, it's about healing you. Find something you are passionate about and do it, do what makes you happy and focus on that. I know from experience this storm will pass in time, and you will learn how strong you are, and how able you are to be happy without him, take care, Laurie.

This is such an enchanted time in your life. I realize you may not feel this way now, but just wait and then wait some more. Before you know it you will be 52 years young and reminiscing about the wonderful loves you have had. Your heart will heal and your soul will again glow. This young man may be in need of healing too. One of the greatest gifts is heartbreak. Once you move through the darkness & pain you will have peace and a new outlook. "The gift" is knowing that you have loved & been loved. Many are not so fortunate. You will love again. It is up to you. I envy you. Stacie, WA State.

It’s hard when you realized that a person, who at some point of your life meant everything to you, makes you feel just like another girl. You know very well that what you need to move on, leave the past behind and go on with your life. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but you will. Start again. Don’t start thinking about what you think you did wrong, don’t regret anything. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. You’ll find somebody else that loves you as much as you will love him. Don’t lose hope in love. Don’t lose your time on a guy that doesn’t deserve you. Love yourself more than you could love anyone. Smile, laugh, enjoy, take risks, be free, be stronger, and be smarter… just live as much as you can.
Have a beautiful life, Lyssete, Peru.

First of all there 0.0001% probability that you love someone but that person doesn't love you and there are hard times when you feel all is lost and gone. It's painful but the thing that keeps a relation true and great is HOLDING ON. You have to hold on for the good times. You should personally meet him and ask him clear and direct. Love is the greatest gift in the world and you shouldn't let it go. Another thing you can listen to Shiver by Coldplay (meanwhile) until things go cooler. Anon.

You didn't tell how long you have been together or you are split now, that could help to answer. There’s an information regarding your ages and jobs - all I can say about that is both of you are individual forceful personalities with ideas of an own career. Just one assumption: maybe making so many plans for a life together was asked too much of you both so soon and your boyfriend felt out of his depth suddenly.
The way he broke it off is very rough and shocking, certainly you want to know the reasons why. Otherwise would an explanation really improve the fact? Explanations in such cases often get close to blaming. Obviously he doesn’t blame you, possibly he can’t explain it for himself. Then his reaction might be more honest as going on in a relationship without having true feelings anymore. An end after a long time of fighting and arguing would not be less painful.
Be prepared for the future, consider how to react if he ever would want to return one day. Though it is hard for you now, don’t suffer from this situation too long: step out with friends, have fun! You have all chances to find your “Mr. Right”. Best of luck! L. Q.

I am sorry to hear that you're being put through this situation. You had strong genuine feelings for this guy, and you learned that he didn't share them very suddenly. It hurts to let love go, but in this case, you don't have much of a choice. It's okay to take your time to collect yourself, it will be difficult, so don't try to rush into things you aren't ready for. I know it doesn't seem like there is any light to be found in this situation, but there is. You said you were a model, so I can that tell you are very beautiful on the outside; but the fact that you have developed such strong feelings to someone show that you are just as beautiful on the inside. One day, someone's going to come along, and he's going to make you feel the same feelings you felt, and he will feel them in return.
Be strong, Bradley H.

I am sorry to hear you are having a bad time at present. I am sure you feel your world has ended but I assure you - you will look back on this a stronger person. If possible talk this out to a counsellor, friend or whoever will listen and after a while you will make sense of this and realise that it wasn't to be. I am a strong believer that what will be will be. However, we make our opportunities happen so if possible take up a new interest and keep busy. The worst thing to take away from this is bitterness, that will just eat away at you. All our experiences are there for a reason. So if you are meant to get together in the future you will if not well let him go - he is not worth it.
all the best and as you are on the cold play website what better way of relieving our sorrow - put on a Coldplay track. All the best Mary.

I think if you really love him search for him and talk to him to understand what happened.
Look for answers, I'm sure there must be a reason, and if you cannot find them, then just let it go.
Remember that your happiness does not depend on anyone but yourself and sometimes it is better to give up something you love before it ends hurting you more. Love yourself; this is just a comma, not a full stop. From now on try to avoid all those things that remind you of him, clear your mind and you'll see how your wounds slowly heal. I’d like to end with a deep phrase from the band:
"But if you never try you'll never know just what you're worth".
Maybe this is a new beginning. Naxalia.

We can't control the hearts and minds of other people, and everyone changes over time. Just remember that you're part of what made that relationship what it was, and that you're worth missing as well. The most you can do is accept change and that things like this happen. Although I do think you deserve closure, you shouldn't wait around for someone who's already moving on with their life. Besides, he might not be ready to talk now. Just as Chris sings "start again a little higher"(UWTB). Happiness and love are everywhere, just look in different places. Pick up the broken pieces. You're really the only one that can put yourself back together and are stronger than you think. Love, Darem.

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11 January 2013 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom
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I'm finding the dating scene difficult. I joined an online dating site and have been on a few dates and I don't know what the etiquette is. If I don't like a guy, I don't know how to leave it when saying goodbye. That said, when I DO like a guy I don't know what to say either in case they don't feel the same! I met someone and we had a brilliant time but I haven't heard from him at all since. I sent one text and he didn't reply. I think that's rude but then... maybe he is also not knowing how to politely say he doesn't want to see me again. Help?!
Dani, London.

Look forward to seeing your replies.
The Oracle
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10 January 2013 / submitted by Sanya, India
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I was watching some videos of Coldplay and came across this funny one.
Does Chris write all his songs like this?
Not exclusively, no. That was more in response to how to write a song but I guess it always starts with an idea. Sometimes lyrics just appear and seem to flow out. Sometimes the essence of the idea grows from inspiration and trying different things out.
You may notice that sometimes Chris comes up with an idea for a lyric in one song, only for it to end up in a completely different song. The line "poison in my blood" for example appears in both Wedding Bells & Christmas Lights which weren't written all that far apart.
That's why lyrics can contain repeated themes - as is quite common with Chris' songwriting: world turning upside down, keeping feet on the ground, the sun, webs...

10 January 2013 / submitted by Charlie, United Kingdom
Q.  Do you think that there's the possibility in the future that Coldplay might release a CD compilation of their unreleased studio tracks and demos? Or are these got rid of at the end of each recording session?
An unreleased studio track would be discarded because it either doesn't "fit" with the album as it takes shape or it's not good enough. If it's the former, there's no reason it wouldn't resurface at a later date. This is one reason it's sad to see the demise of the b-side as many of the great songs appeared that way.
If it's the latter, they wouldn't be released on any format for any reason.

If an artist wants you to hear something, you will hear it - whether live (as is the case with Spanish Rain for example), at an event (Wedding Bells at the Apple convention) or on a further release (the Prospekt E.P).

The thing with demos is, they're exactly that - a demonstration. They are a way to lay down ideas without committing to a full production. If it's decided the idea is worth developing, they can work on that to produce a better version.
They're not got rid of as there may be a hook or a riff that they could come back to a later date.
Generally it's likely an artist doesn't want a demo to be heard. There are exceptions of course. If it's a song in its entirety that was eventually released, and of a great standard, it could easily appear.
The Safety E.P is a good example.
That hadn't been the original idea. The band's recording session for their first E.P didn't quite go to plan. Due to time constraints they needed to release something. Their then A&R man decided they should go with 2 of the 3 tracks that featured on their self-financed Safety E.P. as well as new tracks.
The exact recordings from that Safety session were released on the Blue Room E.P.

While we're talking about demos that are officially released, one of my favourites ever is Amy Winehouse's Love is a Losing Game.

9 January 2013 / submitted by Louise, Australia
Q.  Hi Oracle!
How do you become a volunteer for Coldplay? For eg. The people that hand out wristbands and what not.
Just wanted to know out of curiosity :)
As far as I am aware, "we" don't have volunteers per se. There are obviously people who volunteer at the venues to activate and hand out Xylobands (as mentioned previously), but we don't source the volunteers. If you wanted to volunteer at the venue (whether for Xyloband duties or Oxfam*), you only get to see part of the show as there's a job to do so if you're thinking of doing it to see a free show or meet the band, it's probably best you know now that it's not part of the deal.
*You can find out more about becoming an Oxfam volunteer from the charity directly but there's nothing currently planned with us.

9 January 2013 / submitted by Nick, United Kingdom
Q.  I'm not a big comic book fan, but I LOVE Coldplay. Would I like their comics?
It depends on whether you like the concept behind the Mylo Xyloto album and are interested in discovering more about characters and themes. The band don't feature though so bear that in mind.
You can probably tell from the artwork and HLH video what the visual for the comic is like so maybe gauge your reaction to that as to whether the comic will be something of interest.

8 January 2013 / submitted by Elizabeth, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle!
Hope you're having a great new year, my question for you is, what city was the music video for Christmas Lights shot in? Please let me know!
The video was shot entirely on location in London.

8 January 2013 / submitted by Sam, United States of America
Q.  Hi, Oracle!
I was wondering... who does the hand on the cover of The Blue Room belong to?
This is silly, but I've been wondering it every time I listen to one of the songs on that EP.
Thank you!
It's not silly but we don't know - it's sourced from National Geographic and we had nothing to do with taking it.

I answered this question back on November 12, 2010 (wow, where does time go?) so you can read more about the sleeve here.

8 January 2013 / submitted by Tahra, United States of America
Q.  Oracle,

I was reading past answers and I saw that Chris has a mix of ginger, lemon, and hot water that he has during concerts. I'm also a singer and I know that lemon irritates the throat since it's acidic. Does Chris know about this? Or does he have the lemon for a specific reason?
Acidic doesn't have to mean irritant or that it's not good; he wouldn't drink it if it didn't work for him. It also works for me. I also find lemon juice is great for clearing my throat. The combination of honey, water & ginger are perfect to soothe and cleanse. If it doesn't work for you though, obviously steer clear. Whatever works.