14 February 2013 / submitted by Danny, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Mr Oracle Sir, I've recently taken up the ukulele. Great little instrument. Do any of the band play them?
I bet Will can; he can play anything!

13 February 2013 / submitted by Ana Karen, Mexico
Q.  Is it true that Coldplay is going to give two free concerts here in Mexico due to the Non Violence Foundation? I really want this to be real but I have my doubts, so... I wanted to ask you, dear Oracle.
No. There is absolutely no truth to the "news" that Coldplay are performing at La Fundacion No Violence.
I'm not sure how the rumours started but since a lot of you are asking, I wanted to clear it up.

13 February 2013 / submitted by Amora, United States of America
Q.  Have anything planned for ya'lls 20th anniversary? IT HAS TO BE HUGE :D
That's 5 years away! Nothing planned just now.

13 February 2013 / submitted by Paul, France
Q.  If I visit The Bakery, can I enter inside it and visit it?
Thank you Oracle.
No, I'm afraid you can't. It's not open to the public.

12 February 2013 / submitted by Frisby, United States of America
Q.  In this interview, Simon Pegg references a song called A + E. Is there a recording of it anywhere?
There isn't a recorded studio version if that's what you mean.

12 February 2013 / submitted by Vasilis, Greece
Q.  Warner Music Group bought Parlophone. Does this affect the group in any direct (artistc, if you like) way, except from the fact that Warner will now sign the contracts rather than EMI? Thanks in advance!
EMI had actually already been sold; Parlophone's sale was a condition of that deal.
The band won't be directly affected by the acquisition.
Stephen Cooper, CEO of Warner Music Group, said:
“We are committed to making this a great outcome for Parlophone’s artists and employees, who will find in WMG a similar spirit and culture that is dedicated to providing the most supportive and innovative home for recording artists. The continuation of the Parlophone legacy and brand are central to the future success of this combination, and we are proud to have them join us.”

12 February 2013 / submitted by Sandy, United States of America
Q.  Happy Heart's Day Oracle,
Are you madly in love at the moment?
Hope so!
Do you mean Valentine's Day? That's not until Thursday (14th).
Nope, I'm not madly in love and am happy not to be but thanks all the same.
It's Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day here today though. It doesn't look I'll be getting any of that either!
Happy flipping/tossing to pancake lovers and love to all the singles out there for Thursday.

11 February 2013 / submitted by Chris, United Kingdom
Q.  Is this painting where the album cover of Viva la Vida came from? If it is the painting, it's bad that the woman ruined it.
It's always sad when art is defaced and yes, that is the painting - Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People.
Last year there was a woman who decided to touch up a fresco -
Ecce Homo - with rather alarming results. It wasn't a deliberate attempt to ruin a work of art but ruin it she did.

11 February 2013 / submitted by Janie, United States of America
Q.  O wise Oracle, my friend has this theory that you're the guy who shoots butterflies out of a cannon. Is this true?
There are a team of people who each control confetti drops, not just one person. I have actually done it in Brazil, Colombia & Mexico and it was very thrilling.

11 February 2013 / submitted by Anna, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle! While in church one Sunday, we sang a hymn titled My Song is Love Unknown. Some of the lyrics like "my song is love unknown" and "love to the loveless shown" sounded awfully familiar. I am very curious, were these lyrics used in the song A Message on purpose of is it merely a coincidence?
The words from the hymn were used deliberately - it totally inspired A Message.