17 October 2014 / submitted by Ivana, Italy
In the last months my life seems to be a bit flat. I often feel sad, weak, empty. It's like something's missing, maybe happiness.
I really need to change the situation because I don't think I would stand it any longer. What can I do?
I don't want to diagnose you because I haven't got enough information to go off and I'm not qualified to. It sounds like you're going through a slump but perhaps you should speak to your doctor in case there are underlying health causes (a blood test could eliminate certain things for example) or maybe you're suffering with depression.
As I'm sure I have said before, sometimes when there are few things going wrong in life, it is quite easy to then add other things to that list so it appears everything is in a negative state. Try to look at individual parts of your life and find the positives.
If you have a job you hate - change it. If you have friends who bring you down - change them. If you're in a relationship you're not happy in - get out of it.
What I'm trying to say is you can change some things. You may not know how to change things but if you know what needs changing, that's a start.
If you think you do know deep down what the problem is but don't know how to fix it, try talking to someone. I always find speaking out loud - even to myself - helps work out any issues.
If you can book an appointment with a counsellor.
Surround yourself with people you like and do things you enjoy to keep your mind occupied. Read, write, listen to music and get in touch with your inner thoughts & emotions.
Keep hydrated, eat well and take regular exercise to keep your body healthy and active. Exercise will also help produce endorphins that are known to promote positive feelings.
You could also try something new, start a challenge, get involved in a project, support a cause close to your heart. They could all be great ways to inspire and motivate you.
I hope that helps.
Over to you.

I used to feel the same way in the summer of 2012 after the Olympics ended. I felt that there is nothing to enjoy at all so I started picking up an instrument and play. Point I'm trying to make is that if you feel quite free or vacant you may pick up something to learn, for instance an instrument or learn languages or a sport and try to kill the barriers if you're shy. Try to get out in the open to a place you frequently go to and make friendships. It helped me so much.
Best of luck. Erin.

Ivana, you should listen to Charlie Brown an be a cartoon heart! Heidi.

It's hard to find something to say because I don't know what's your specific problem. It depends on your age. If you're a teenager I probably know how you feel, I'm 20 and I finished school two years ago but while I was a student I always felt like that, especially my last two years in school, that's when you feel the pressure of everyone around you trying to you to make the right decision and you don't know what to do with your life. My advice to every teenager out there feeling like this, is to take a year after school to have some extra time to just being with yourself, to find a small job (to know how is it to have real responsibilities and to learn how to save money). After that year I promise, you will know what you really want to do because you won't feel the pressure everyone on school was putting on you. If you're an adult, I encourage you to talk to someone close about it, and maybe make some little changes on your life, changing your everyday-routine, going for a walk, adopt a pet, meet new people, read books of your interest, maybe find a new job, maybe you work too hard that it is taking your free time away (and your happiness). You will see how things get better. Daniela, Chile

I can relate to that in a very strong manner. About two months ago and every now and then I feel this way. Sometimes it's just stress. If so I just try to distance myself as much as possible from all potential stress and soon it vanishes. But sometimes it really isn't that simple. I then find myself on a quest for happiness, looking at the glass half full even when there isn't one, trying to imagine all the positive things about life in the worst situations and trying to understand confusing realities. Sometimes it helps to let all my feelings go, either by drawing or singing along with my favourite Coldplay songs, whatever makes me happy. Look at life in a beautiful manner, try to shred whatever makes you sad and let the ribbons drift for all to see. Think about everything as a reason to smile and let those negative feelings go, they won't help you at all. I hope you are able to see life the way everyone should see it, in beautiful colour. Solaf.

It's hard to answer this without knowing more about you, Ivana, but you just have to follow your passion! Chase whatever it is that ignites that little spark in you. And if you're like me and don't know exactly what that is yet, go out and find it! Try new things, go to new places, meet new people, eventually we'll stumble upon something great! Sam.

Sometimes, all we need is just to release what's on our mind. Just do your best, and never expect for the best result. When there's no hope, there's no disappointment. So then you're on your way to become a free soul. Sarah.

It seems to me that you may feel as though your life is missing meaning. Don't worry, dearest, everyone goes through that feeling at least once in their life. Sometimes it feels as though you're trapped on the forest floor even though you want to be soaring high above the trees. Sometimes in life we forget to see the beauty and wonder that lies on the forest floor.
Even in the quiet, still moments, life can still hold meaning, we just may have to search harder to find it. If it's happiness you're after, seek happiness in the little things as well as the big ones. Life gives us little gifts to get us through the day, but we have to choose to receive them. If you find that you no longer have any happiness around you, look harder. Maybe it's in your favorite outfit, a little mug of tea, a favorite place to go, or a special movie that you love. Rather than saying, "There is nothing around me that makes me happy," find those things that do make you happy and focus all of your energy on them.
Sometimes we also get stuck in a rut of feeling like we aren't doing anything meaningful with our lives. If you feel that way, reevaluate your life. Are you doing what you love? Is it fulfilling to you? If the answer is no, then seek something that does feel meaningful. That could change your entire life.
Live well, Ivana. Brooke.

Do you have a roof over your head? Food? Water? Good. This should make you happy instantly.
For being sad, weak and empty and missing something I can only tell, now that we know and you know, you can't unknow it!
Be present to life, what it offers you. It is the little things. Often we have too much, think too much, do too much. Let go. Do what you like. Smile. Laugh. Love. Sing. Dance.
Life is endless. Live it now! Take care. Be well! Tanja.

You say that you need to change a situation. It's good that you ask for advice and that is one important step. But first of all, you have to WANT to change a situation. That desire and decision you need to put into yourself. When you decide to work for it, things will going to change. Maybe you should start with some steps: - write on a paper WHAT is really missing? (health, job, friendship, love relationship, courage, marks at school/university, self-confidence, communication with parents ect.)
When you define things, here comes the next step: WHEN did it start?
WHY it is happening to you; try to find some reason for missing a thing or having a problem.
Then try to write POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS for your problem: who can you talk to (family, friends, professional help) and what you can do by yourself.
Without defining a problem it is difficult to change it. Always believe it is possible to change and have a beautiful life filled with joy and happiness. "Don't panic, everything's not lost."
Wishing you all the best, Kamili from Croatia.

I can relate to your feelings, cause I am going through hard time last months too. I often think I couldn't stand it any longer. What helps me is listening a lot to Coldplay . Searching happiness in simple things of life like sitting / walking in the sun, swimming, meeting & talking friends, laughing whenever I can. I tell myself sun will shine again some day. You only can get stronger going through this hard time.
It's often beyond your power to change a difficult situation, you only can try to do the best of the situation. Step by step.
Good luck !! Love from Germany, Maren.

First of all you should try and find out what changed. Why does your life feel flat now and why do you feel sad now? You say you've been experiencing these feelings for a few months, which means you haven't always had them. What did you do before that made you feel happy about your life, that you've now lost? A lot of people feel the way you do because they're 'stuck'. They've been doing the same things/routines for years and are not really living the life they'd hoped for. If that's the case, the best thing to do is break the routine. Find something you like and are passionate about. Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Get guitar lessons. Join a sports club, try to meet some new people. There's got to be something you'd really love to do, no matter how silly or impossible it may seem, don't ignore your feelings. Doing something you actually like will bring you happiness and before you know it those sad and empty feelings will go bye bye. Good luck! Amanda

The first thing you need to do is get reflective on recent events in your life and define how you feel about them. Have recent events been pleasant or did something happen that set you back? Also determine your overall level of satisfaction in your personal life and your work life. Do you spend time with friends? If so, do you feel included, valued and genuinely cared for? Also, if you are in a relationship, are you happy with them? Do you find more positives than negatives? Also, regarding you work life do you feel like someone at your job cares about you? Do you feel that you receive adequate recognition for doing your job? After you have done this, you will have identified some aspects of your life that that may be bringing you down. Then it is time to take action. If your friends are bringing you down either tell them or forget about them. If your relationship is more like a life sentence than sharing a life. Move on. If your work and work place don't make you happy or feel important. Make a move or take action. Feedback to others is key. Openness and candor are important. If thoughts, feelings and opinions are not shared...then nobody knows what you need, feel or want. Quite honestly, if you don't put anything out there you will not get anything back. That in itself can make you feel blah. If you think that you may be depressed... talk to your doctor. The strongest people are the ones who actually ask for help... you posted to us now "post" to yourself and those with whom you care to inform. Take care. Marcia.

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17 October 2014 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.

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Well, from all this year I have feel so alone, like literally alone because maybe don't like me or because I am different but I really don't know a main reason of why people around me treat me so in this bad way, including my family.
I feel like the the stupid girl everyone knows and ignores and they make joke on me and insult me and if I do something like for defending myself they over attack and shout at me and make me feel so sad. I have to hold all these feeling until I arrive home and lock on my bathroom and cry, because if I cry in my room my grandma and sister will see me and will make fun of it. Sometimes I talk about that with my grandma who I have live with her since I moved to Ecuador (I born in Brooklyn NY but all my family are from Ecuatorians) and tell her that please don't act that way that she is like a mom but the only thing she reply me is "I am not your mom, your mom is dead, if you don't like it here, the door are all the time open for you to leave." And it is horrible because she was my mom's mom and that is really horrible.
I don't have a close friend to talk about this because every person I have met on school had treat me bad and ignores me and I am always trying to be kind at them. I feel hated and I don't know why.
Thanks God this is my last year of High School and I am going to try to walk away from people who are like that to me but I can't go away from my house and go to another country because I am scared to death that while the time I am in another country my grandma die and I won't be able to be with her. This can be strange because of the way she is to me but anyway I love her and I would consider myself a monster if I am not with her until her last days.
So, I know this is really confusing but I really feel lost. Moving with my dad to NY would be worse. I feel that no one understands me. The only person I kinda trust is my sister but like I said before, she later makes fun of me and that makes me feel so miserable with life.
Karolyn, Ecuador.

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The Oracle.
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16 October 2014 / submitted by Paddy, Ireland
Q.  Coldplay how are you? Hope all's well. Quick question, I play a lot of trad folk music. When I listen to you guys especially when you strip the songs down in an acoustic style I get a sense of an Irish folk sound at times. Are you guys influenced by trad? Multiple guitar tunings are used in trad to get that droning sound. Also who is the Christy Moore fan and what is Coldplay's favourite Christy Moore song? Ps loving the new songs!
I'd say the band are influenced by all genres of music not traditional folk specifically but it's Will who is the biggest Christy Moore fan - always has been.
I'm afraid I don't know which is his / their favourite track but they chose to perform Ride On (written by Jimmy McCarthy) with Christy at Oxegen festival back in 2011.

16 October 2014 / submitted by Marion, France
Q.  Hi Oracle! I would like to ask you a question I hope you can answer. I wanted to know if the guys get their friends and families to listen to their new records before their official release, or if they make them wait like everybody else, maybe to keep some surprise ;)
Thanks a lot!
It's not about keeping it as a surprise; it's about sharing and asking for feedback. Family & friends - not a great number of people - are asked for their opinion but the band still don't often invite people to the studio while they are recording. Most songs are fully formed and finished when played to anyone.

16 October 2014 / submitted by Patricia, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle! My burning question is one that involves a boy. I have been dating a boy for about 3 months now, and everything was going along perfectly smoothly. That is until I found out he is still texting with his ex-girlfriend. I am trying to understand, I mean they did date for about 5 years. I don't want to break up with him, but I don't like that he texts her. I asked him to stop and he said that it is part of who he is, he can't just abandon people from his past. What should I do? Thanks for any help! Much love from Texas!
He's with you, not her, they are ex for a reason. I'm sorry to put this bluntly, you can't expect him to stop doing something because of your insecurities and he's right to refuse. It's your problem, not his. However, if you've explained how you feel, at least he's aware and may be respectful of that because of course, it IS important how you feel.
At least he's not sneaking around behind your back. He's being open about someone he considers a friend. If you can't handle it, you may have to let him go. I'm afraid if you don't find a way to be ok with it, you will drive him away.
Two other things....
I have friends I don't see now because of their partner not allowing it and that's not because of any relationship history. It's very sad but I respect their decision even though I disagree.
One of my friends always remained close with her ex after they split up. They realized they made better friends than partners so much so, she invited him to her wedding!
It can work, just try and find out how it can for you.

15 October 2014 / submitted by Michael , United States of America
Q.  Hey O. I was curious about what songs the guys have and haven't played live. My question is, what songs haven't the guys played live, ever?
In a way, it's a lot easier to just tell you what they have played. Here's a comprehensive list and anything not on it, they didn't play ;-)

15 October 2014 / submitted by Shady, Egypt
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I know it may be a bit old, but would the band ever consider recording Sweet Marianne?
I wouldn't think that songs from the past will ever be recorded if they haven't been already. As Sweet Marianne wasn't ever released, it probably won't see the light of day (again).

15 October 2014 / submitted by Oscar, Mexico
Q.  Hello dear Oracle
My question is: is considered Rainy Day a part of Viva La Vida due to the similarity of sound?
Rainy Day was recorded during the Viva la Vida sessions but didn't make it on to the album. Along with other tracks that didn't - but almost did - it featured on the Prospekt's March EP. The EP is like an extension of Viva and the Deluxe Edition actually included Prospekt's March.

14 October 2014 / submitted by Andrea, Peru
Q.  So I was searching on wikipedia and I take a look of all songs written by Chris... and no! There are a few of Coldplay songs, did Chris writes all the songs or what?
I think I understand your question.
Chris wrote all Coldplay songs bar one - Sweet Marianne*, written by Will - though the band all have song writing credits.

Chris does write outside of Coldplay; he wrote the anthem for the recent Invictus Games. He has also written for a number of other performers and has collaborated with or featured on other artists records with or without having a hand in the writing.

*Sweet Marianne was played live but never released on a recording.

14 October 2014 / submitted by Greg, United States of America
Q.  When was the last time the boys played Only Superstition? Or for that matter even thought of it.
They played it in 1998 & 1999 but only a couple of times.