6 March 2015 / submitted by Pam, United States of America
I'm debating whether to do what I know is right or what makes me happy. I would appreciate your wise advice. Thank You.
I always listen to my gut - over my heart and my head. If the choices I have don't involve anything illegal or immoral, don't deliberately hurt anyone maliciously or have negative consequences, I will always do what makes me happy.
Who decides what is right anyway? Usually someone else for their own gain. I'm not a selfish person, I'm generous & giving but I have to put me, myself and I first; I have to do what makes me happy.
I mean that genuinely and for the most part that will be solely for my own benefit and without regard for other people's opinions on that.
If something makes me happy, it surely must be the right thing to do.
Over to you.

Definitely do what makes you happy. Live for yourself and for your own happiness first and everything around you will be better. What is 'right' is a really conceptual and subjective thing that some brain-driven people imposed to everyone. Don't do things because some people or the society tells you to do it this way, never. Do things for yourself, don't let anyone spoil your happiness, it is yours, you decide. Living into the concepts that the society created leads you to fear, anger and thus unhappiness. Trust yourself and love yourself first and do what is right for you and for your well-being. Always see the positive and aim towards positive things that will make you happy and joyful and lots of positive things will come to you and you really don't have to fear anything if you are staying in that state of mind no matter what. Be confident at all time, take care of yourself and don't let yourself be affected by the negativity of others. Learn to love yourself first and you will understand that it will lead you to loving others better as well - this will be good for everyone and everything.
Sending you Love, Chloe.

I'd like to answer your question with a few questions: Is what you are doing making your life and the people around you's life better? Is what you are doing making you happy not only in the moment, but something to remember as good for the rest of your life. Do you enjoy doing it? To be doing something right, you don't need to change the world. To be happy, do things you love, still making sure you are doing what is right. Doing what is right is simple: Make others and yourself happy. So there, you can still do what makes you happy and be doing what you like. Do things that you like that still allow you to do what is right. You can choose the way you live. I would advise to live a life making you and every one around you happy. If everyone lived this way the world would be a better place. It all starts with you.
Best wishes, Benjamin.

I wonder what doing the right thing means for you.
If you think that doing the right thing is living your life according to other's expectations (your parents, your community, etc), I'll tell you that sometimes the right thing is being brave enough to do what makes you happy. It might be hard not to live up to the expectations of the people you love, but what really matters is what makes YOU happy. Life is a gift and the right thing is living it to the fullest, according to YOUR idea of happiness.
You'll regret someday not taking a chance on whatever makes you happy.
On the other hand, if doing what makes you happy involves neglecting the people you love, I would totally advise you to do what you consider to be right. Hurting the ones you love is something to regret too.
I wonder if there's a way to combine both things: doing what you want in life and doing the right thing. Sometimes we need to think a little out of the box and find alternative ways. Sometimes there are more than two options.
Wish you the best. Noelia. Argentina.

I can't really pick a side here. I always manage to kind of balance both. Choose from what makes you happy the things that are correct. Let me rephrase that, do what makes you happy as long as its right. This is quite beneficial as not only are you satisfying yourself with things that make you happy, but you are also pleased about yourself for doing the right thing. Avoid doing what makes you happy if its wrong because not only is it temporary and fragile happiness that are brought along with such an act, but it also brings along misery as you will become ashamed of doing the wrong thing. I hope this helps.
Love, Solaf.

This depends on who is saying what is right. Do you believe it's right? Or is somebody else telling you it is? Sometimes you should take someone you love's advice when they say what you're doing is not the best, even though you believe it's making you very happy. Other times, however, people lose faith in you and tell you what you're doing will never have a good impact on your life. If you believe that the thing making you happy is not necessarily the right thing, try and do the right thing and you'll feel good that you're making a good decision. If someone else is saying that what's making you happy isn't the right thing, try and see their point of view. Think about why they believe it isn't right and see if you agree with them.

Often in life we come across these situations. Don't feel selfish if you do end up doing what makes you happy. Sometimes, doing the right thing between these decisions doesn't always necessarily mean you are doing the correct thing.
As a wise man Chris Martin once said back in June 2014, "everything that's happening to you is what's supposed to be happening to you, so just relax." If you feel that doing the right thing will be for the greater good and it won't affect the people you care about around you chose the right thing. On the other hand, if you chose to do what will make you happy remember that you chose that decision; it may have consequences but it could be for the greater good.
The decisions we make in the present determine our near future. Don't feel regret. Regret is a dark thing; it holds us back from moving on in life. If I were to conclude with an answer for you Pam, I would do what I know is right.
I hope this helped.

I'm 30 years old and in some aspects in my life I've done what is right; fell in love with only the right person, doing what society says is ok, studying, finding a job... but some years ago I realised that most of that stuff didn't make me happy at all... so now, I'm doing what makes me happy even if its right or wrong, I quit my job and trade it for fruit picking jobs for 2 years in an amazing country, I fell in love with somebody that wasn't the best fit for me but still made my days wonderful... so who cares about doing right things! Do whatever feels good, whatever makes u the happiest person in the world, that way you will feel you made the best decision!

I understand you, debating between what's right and what makes you happy is hard.
But you have to think about yourself first, because it's your life we're talking about.
Three months I became a volunteer in a project. At first I did everything because I had to, but after I saw the joy and happiness on people's faces, I became happy. And even though I lost many nights of sleep and I was so tired, I did what was right and what made me happy.
You should do the same. Try and combine the two options you have.
You don't necessarily need to choose, you can do what's right and do what makes you happy, you just have to find a balance between them.
Finding the balance is a challenge indeed, but I feel that you're a strong person and that you can do it!
Don't forget that we all believe in you!!
The power of belief is what will get us through, as a wise man once said.
Good luck!
Lots of Love from Romania!

If you say you KNOW what right is, I guess then you gave the answer. Maybe you just can accept to postpone the happiness because we all want satisfaction, results and happiness immediately. Knowing the right decision, you have to take courage and do it, happiness will come as a consequence of it. If something is right and you know it, it's naturally followed by happiness, maybe you just don't see it now or it takes time to show results. You separate the right decision and what makes you happy in your letter, but I try to unite it.
If you know what's right, like you said, then I guess you just aren't ready for that step and somehow you turn to what makes you happy like to an excuse.
That's what I felt from your letter, because you said you knew what right was.
If you didn't know what right was, I would speak differently.
You also didn't say if that was right from your point of view or others imposed it. Think about that and also consider both sides. It would help me to know what is this all about, but without knowing it, I must act like a philosopher. I hope I helped but these words maybe will help even more, at least for your soul.
"I can't and I can't decide
Wrong, wrong from right,
Day, or my day from night,
Dark or the dark from light,
I live but I love this life."
Love, Kamili.

Wow, that's a tough question to answer without knowing any of the specifics, but I usually choose to follow my heart. As far as we know we only live once, so I think its best to do something that makes you happy and not to waste your life feeling miserable because you chose to do 'the right thing' if it doesn't make you happy. Maybe there's a way to both do whats right and what makes you happy? If not, I'd go for doing what makes you happy, unless that's stealing, hurting someone or harming animals in any way. Just kidding, good luck with your decision.

I think you should do what makes you happy. Because the thing that you know is right, might not make you happy. If you do what makes you happy, you can enjoy going to work. You can be happy with what you chose, and you'll have fun doing what you love. Ask yourself this, would you want to do something you enjoy? Or something that you have to do?

You should always choose to do what you believe is the right thing to do. It takes a lot of strength to be selfless and do the right thing but afterwards, you will feel very light knowing you stood up for what is right. Choosing to not do the right thing would lead to feelings of guilt. Doing whatever makes you happy will only make you happy while you were doing it, but afterwards is a feeling of a long and heavy burden. Whatever it is that you have to choose between, we are here cheering for you to do what is right.
Jen, Philippines.

Since you didn't say what you want to do, it's a little hard to answer your question. I would say that as long as you don't break the law, you should do what makes you happy. You never know when you won't be here.
If it involves a career choice, always do what makes you happy. If it could hurt someone else, you need to think about it. If it's not a good situation, I would suggest that you go for happiness.

I can appreciate where you're coming from and I've thought about this many times. One thing I've learned in life is that extremes are not usually healthy or good, even when they claim to be. Balance in life is so important. I'm always cautious when I hear of a decision being based on a person's "happiness" because it infers that the decision has been made without taking anyone else into consideration. There are too many people that only think of themselves in this world. At the same time, when I hear of a decision being made based only on what is "right" I worry that the person has not thought of themselves at all, which is not good either. Stand up for yourself but in doing so, don't only think of yourself. Also, make sure that the happiness you see for yourself is actually happiness and not just a perceived easy way out of a situation. And make sure that the right thing is what you think is right, not what someone else thinks is right for you. Whatever decision you make just know that someone will end up being hurt and/or offended (either you or someone else) and realize that you can't make everyone happy. Above all, make sure you show only love to those involved, including yourself. I hope you can find your answers and wish you the best of luck.

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6 March 2015 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

As you may know, we have a weekly feature, Team Oracle, whereby each Friday we open questions of a personal nature to all of you to answer too. Then, the following Friday, I post a selection of the best answers, alongside my own reply.

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Dear Oracle, my question is: How do you deal with your past? Lately I've been thinking about some memories wondering what would it be like now if ti was different before? It's not that I blame myself because there's nothing I could've done as a child. As an adult, now I do everything that I can and wish but I regret about some things and way of living that didn't depend on me. I know that there's no going back, there's only present, but what do you do with emotions about past and wishing to turn back time and make things different? Do you think it's a destiny and there were no other options? Thanks for your replies! Love to all, Kamili, Croatia.

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The Oracle.
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5 March 2015 / submitted by Cristian, Colombia
Q.  Hello Oracle. I was wondering if the band has ever played Ode to Deodorant live?
Even though it was recorded in the same demo session as Brothers & Sisters, it looks like it has only been played live 4 times.
I have sadly never witnessed it though.

5 March 2015 / submitted by Phillip, United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle! I was watching the video of Low at Glastonbury, and I noticed Guy taking backing vocals. I know there are times when all three of them sing back up, but it seems Will typically will cover if there is just one harmony present. What goes into delegating backing vocal parts between Will, Johnny and Guy?
Will & Guy both sang backing vocals on Low at that show. It's unusual for Guy to take them on solo. As you mentioned it's usually Will - or Jonny.
Who sings what depends on the song, the mood / range / tone, who wants to, what they collectively decide...

5 March 2015 / submitted by Nic, Canada
Q.  Hey guys, I have a million questions that i could ask all day but honestly all i want to say is thank you so much for every word you guys recorded! We have never meant but honestly you guys have helped me out more than the people around me all day. So thank you

Now for a question, you guys have been all around the world, but is there somewhere you still haven't visited that you would like to??
Sadly, such is the nature of touring that there are always places that artists hardly ever / never get to.
I receive many requests from all over the world - notably Greece & India but also Maldives and though the band may have visited there individually, they haven't appeared on the tour schedule.
Bands don't sit and choose where to go / not go so petitions don't work.

4 March 2015 / submitted by Angelica, Australia
Q.  Hey Oracle,
I was at the RAH the first night Coldplay performed. It was amazing, but I noticed something small. I noticed that Guy was standing on some platform whilst Chris and Johnny were not. I mean, don't get me wrong, Guy is one handsome bloke who deserves to be on a platform - period. But I was just wondering why he needed one during the concert?
As handsome as Guy is, he's not standing on a platform to display those good looks.
If you look closely at this photograph, you can see something on the board. I've seen Guy standing on the board with his foot resting on said something. I have no idea what that is but it has a lead coming out of the back, into the pedal board set up. I can only assume it's an effect and Guy stands on the board sometimes because it's closer to the pedals, mic and such - or maybe he just feels like it.

Thanks to Ben who sent this:
Regarding the question about Guy's pedal platform. The platform seems to be a Buttkicker Platform BKP. it lets Guy feel the vibrations of the music when he stands on it (that little square thing on it is a motor) A similar device is also used in home cinemas. Hope this helps.

4 March 2015 / submitted by Rhys, Canada
Q.  Hi Oracle, here's an interesting question I found, and I wanted to ask you:
If you could have dinner with any 5 people, relatives or celebrities (from any time in history, dead or alive), who would you choose and why?
The thing that's making it a hard decision is that some people I'd like to have met / meet might not be all that entertaining as dinner guests. Then I have to factor in whether my guests would get along. That said, I wouldn't want them getting on too well that they didn't speak to anyone else or - heaven forbid - ignore me.
I thought I would have an obvious wish list of people but it turns out, I don't.
I could pick 100 but 5 is tough. Especially as you mentioned relatives. I would never have chosen one if you hadn't have mentioned it. I'm now contemplating dinner with the following dead people: Jeff Buckley, Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse, Ronnie Barker and my Grandma who left this earth far too soon.

3 March 2015 / submitted by Akash, India
Q.  The film Boyhood (2014) features the song Yellow at the very beginning of the film.[while displaying the title of film]

So did they ask permission to Coldplay for including the song in the film??(because of any copyright issues?)

Thank you in Advance...
Akash Ben
I went to see this wonderful film last year and it was such a pleasant surprise to hear Yellow during the opening sequence.
All music must be cleared before use commercially. The band aren't consulted personally, the decision is made on their behalf. As I have mentioned before, the band don't own the copyright (this is standard by the way).

3 March 2015 / submitted by Alex, United States of America
Q.  Oracle, I love her and she just got out of a long relationship, what should I do? I confessed my love and she said she loves me in many ways too. However, she says the timing hasn't been and isn't right at the moment. Being patient hurts.
Wait. If she says the timing isn't right - it isn't. You have to respect that.
By waiting, I don't mean you put everything else on hold for her. That's up to you but personally, I would carry on with life regardless of the situation. Life's too short.
There is no guarantee that the timing will ever be right but if you truly love her, you will wait and see what happens.

2 March 2015 / submitted by Laura , United States of America
Q.  Has Coldplay ever done a Live Lounge session? Have they covered any songs there? Also, are there any rare covers you know of?
They have done several Live Lounge performances over the years. Last year they performed Magic & Oceans. I don't know what you mean by a rare cover but yes, there were covers. They didn't do a cover on that occasion but have on previous visits. Those mostly included Christmas songs (obviously around Christmas time) and We Found Love (Rihanna / Calvin Harris) back in Norwich, 2011.