23 July 2014 / submitted by jamie davidson, United States of America
Q.  Has Coldplay ever recorded the song I Can't Stand to Fly and if so what CD is it on?
No. The song is called Superman (It's Not Easy) by Five For Fighting. For some inexplicable reason, it's been credited as Coldplay by many.

23 July 2014 / submitted by Aaron, United States of America
Q.  What other genres of music would you like to see Coldplay dabble in in the future? I would love to hear them doing something with hip-hop.
They sort of have dabbled in hip-hop. Collaborations with Jay Z, Kanye... They fulfil me musically speaking but after being blown away by Postcards From Far Anyway, maybe more classical with the whole band playing.

23 July 2014 / submitted by Maya, United States of America
Q.  I love music with a passion. No matter what, I always have it. But sometimes i find it frustrating that theres nothing I can do with it. No one to appreciate it or help me finish a song or teach me new chords. I'm not saying I want to become well-known, or famous (which would be a dream, but not reality), but I just want someone to hear my voice. Coldplay is by far the most inspiring, talented band and I cry everytime I listen to their albums because it's so emotional.. I just don't know what to do with all of it. I play your songs on piano and guitar, but what after that? There's nothing else left to do...
Where is all this negativity coming from? "Nothing I can do about it". "No one to appreciate it". "There's nothing else left to do". Since you're not craving fame, there is plenty you can do with it. Join a group, band, choir, orchestra - anything! Find someone who shares the same passion. Play your music to people. Take lessons. Busk. Do gigs. Sing. Those are just some suggestions. My advice? Stop self-sabotaging & start doing!

22 July 2014 / submitted by Mdla, Venezuela
Q.  Dear Oracle. Which are the advantages and disadvantages of living in London?
Advantages: There is always something to see & do to suit all tastes - and budgets. 24 hour buses. Tube. Disadvantages: Extortionate house prices (renting included). Card clash on the underground. Traffic. Travel time to some of your mates' houses who also live in London.

22 July 2014 / submitted by Anna, United Kingdom
Q.  Hiya Oracle!
I was wondering, do any of the band have names for their instruments?
I know that Jonny's guitars have names (Sunny, Punky...) but I don't know if Guy & Chris name their instruments, sorry. I can't imagine Will calls the kit anything.

22 July 2014 / submitted by Isabelle, Netherlands
Q.  Dear Oracle,

In the lyrics of some older songs, Coldplay sings about 'my feet don't touch the ground.' What does it actually mean? I'd love to know that.
No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground was the earliest song to mention the whole feet/ground scenario. The line 'my feet won't touch the ground" appeared more recently on Life in Technicolor ii. I always imagine it refers to feeling high / ecstatically happy but to not get carried away by it all. People tend to warn people to keep their feet on the ground when amazing things happen (success for example) - literally "stay grounded".

21 July 2014 / submitted by Olive, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle! How old is this website? When did it got started?
( *the ASFOS video was amazing!)
I think started in 2001. Before then the band's official website had a different url and to be frank, was pretty basic - a bit rubbish in fact.

21 July 2014 / submitted by Rodolfo, Brazil
Q.  Hello Oracle,

I just found out about a cd recorded by the royal philharmonic orchestra called "Symphonic Coldplay" , I've never heard anything about it on your website and would like to know if the band has any relation to this project and what is their impressions about it.
thank you
As it's unofficial and nothing to do with the band, I'm afraid I haven't heard it so can't pass an opinion. I'm sure it's lovely but there are so many unendorsed versions out there that I don't listen to them all. I don't know whether the band have heard (of) it either.

21 July 2014 / submitted by Kunkies , United Kingdom
Q.  via twitter
Is there any video where I can listen to Jonny's voice singing??
Any video of Don't Panic. Jonny takes the lead in the second verse.

18 July 2014 / submitted by Berend, Netherlands
Q.  In Live 2012 CD Chris is saying something in the Charlie Brown number. It's something like Thank you Netherlands come to Paris".

What is it exactly and what is the meaning of this?
No mention of Netherlands. Chris says "Unbelievable. Thank you for letting us come to Paris". The bit after is tricky because of a slight echo - "and letting us see something so beautiful as". Mmm, it sounds like he's saying 'heaven' but not so sure.