20 November 2014 / submitted by Sunil Mistry, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi there! Do you think it is likely that the band will a Christmas concert this year?
I know previous years have included Crisis and Under 1 Roof.

Great news if they have one this year too!

As part of Crisis at Christmas, in 2010 Coldplay performed two benefit shows for the charity in Liverpool & Newcastle.
Under 1 Roof raises much needed funds for Kids Company. As you may know the End of Decade Sale auction held in 2009 raised money for the cause but the 1st show happened on the back of the MX Tour at the O2 Arena in 2011. The second, last year, was a one-off at the Hammersmith (now known as Eventim but I still call it Hammersmith) Apollo.
There are no plans for a Christmas concert this year but as with the graffiti artwork from MX, there is an exhibition of Mila's artwork and proceeds from that will go to Kids Company.

20 November 2014 / submitted by Miles, United Kingdom
Q.  I'm just out of school and I work in a sports shop and have done since I was 16. I didn't get great A-level's but they weren't terrible (CDD). I rejected university places because I wanted to work, however I'm finding it difficult to find a "proper" 9-5 Monday - Friday job.

What should I do?
You didn't define "proper job" but working in a sports shop IS a proper job.
There are many jobs you can't do without qualifications and / or experience so I'm afraid you'll have to go and get one or both - depending on what you want to do.

20 November 2014 / submitted by Sue, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,

This follows from Friday's telling, touching question about favorite Coldplay lyrics. Which does Chris write first: The lyrics or the music? By the way, you write with such meaning and sensitivity, I sometimes wonder if you are Chris or one of his family members! You are appreciated!
It's not set in stone so it can be either way - not always a specific one following the other.
(I'm neither Chris nor a relation, but thank you).

19 November 2014 / submitted by John, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Great and Powerful Oracle,

In your opinion, do you think that A Sky Full Of Stars breaks the usual Coldplay musical style? You know, like, it's Coldplay's first try at EDM but they're better off with their usual Alternative Rock . Plus, they say that it's more of an Avicii song than a Coldplay song. So do you personally think that they should write more songs that are EDM or stay with their traditional style. (Note: Chris Martin stated that he feels like he "cheated" the band because he asked Avicii to play the piano instead of him.)
Yes it breaks the norm but I don't think there's anything wrong with stepping into different genres of music. Even though you can hear the Avicii influence, it's still Coldplay.
I'm sure they will experiment again but they have not changed their style, just worked with a new one.

19 November 2014 / submitted by Kamili, Croatia
Q.  Dear Oracle,
is there any address where I can send you a Christmas card? Thank you, bye :) Kamili
Thank you, that is very kind of you. We do not have a postal address for cards or letters.
Every year I ask my family and friends to donate whatever they may have spent on a gift and card (plus postage) to a charity of their choice.
Maybe you could do that, if you don't mind?
Thanks again.

19 November 2014 / submitted by Maximilian, Germany
Q.  Today the boys announced that there will be a concert in Munich on December 6th. They wrote: (...) Ghost Stories Live 2014 concert film and live album with a one-off show (...) So my question is what does one-off show mean? Will it be a full GS concert where they only play the album like the one in LA? Or is it a normal GS tour concert where they play songs from GS and the other albums?

One-off simply means there are no more dates scheduled; it's not part of a tour. It's a full-length gig but I have no idea what the set list may be. I'd imagine there will be songs from Parachutes onwards ;-)

18 November 2014 / submitted by Agustina, Argentina
Q.  Dear Oracle !!
The question is what Coldplay would be encouraged to sing a song in Spanish?
As they're from the UK, I'd say it's not likely. Viva la Vida & Don Quixote as titles are probably as close we will get to foreign songs. Chris isn't fluent in Spanish and it's not the usual thing for English language artists to sing in another language. Obviously that happens the other way around all the time.

18 November 2014 / submitted by Liam, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I know that Coldplay has gotten a lot more narrow in their selection of tour spots, but do you think there is a chance that the band could ever come to Houston? If not, so be it, That's life. But I figured if anyone knew you would! Thanks!
You have to understand, the Ghost Stories tour is not to be compared with tours gone by or any future plans; it was unique to that period. There's more than a good chance as historically since 2003, the band have played Houston many times so there is no reason they won't again. I'm not taking bets or placing odds on where the band will tour though because it's way too soon to speculate.

17 November 2014 / submitted by Josh, Spain
Q.  Dear Oracle: Over the synthe in GS Film there's an iPad with an app. What app is open and plays Johnny? Thank U!!!
Thanks to Miller for this answer:
"Ah yes.
That's not actually an iPad - that's something called a Lemur, which was one of the first touch screen devices commercially available.
It controls the synth sounds in Midnight, but in a much more interesting way than knobs or sliders could - it lets Jonny "sculpt" the sounds by moving his fingers around the screen.
Hope that helps!

17 November 2014 / submitted by Lorraine, United Kingdom
Q.  Re the art excibition do u need a ticket or can u just turn up? Cheers.
I'm pretty sure you can just turn up to 17 Osborn St, Shoreditch, London, E1 6TD anytime during the gallery space's opening hours between 4-7 December. Advance tickets won't be available.