26 March 2015 / submitted by Cheryl, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle,

I am an avid badge collector, and have looked everywhere for a love badge that Chris has been wearing over the past 12 months, it's drivng me insane trying to find one any ideas where I can purchase one?
Yes, I do. Before I tell you, let me share something. I'm a great believer in paying it forward and giving something back but only if I believe in it.
I'd always advise decisions to be based on a personal basis.
All I ask is that before you decide to purchase the badge / pin / button, you please research the meaning rather than adopting something ad hoc.
If you can relate to it or it does mean something to you, feel free to go ahead and support the Love Button Movement.
You can get involved without buying anything and maybe that's something to also consider.

26 March 2015 / submitted by Margalita, Georgia
Q.  Dear Oracle,

How can I get over the feeling that I'm never good enough?
I can try and answer this in a simple, swift reply: a) know you are and b) prove you are.
I know it might not be so easy in practice but believe it and put that belief into action.

26 March 2015 / submitted by Brandon, United States of America
Q.  On the Ghost Stories Live 2014 DVD, are all the songs performed on the televised concert included, or just the Ghost Stories songs only?
If you scroll down the original news article that Anchorman posted on this site, you will see the full track listing.
It's not like the Live 2012 release, hence the specific name - Ghost Stories Live 2014.

25 March 2015 / submitted by Paddy, Ireland
Q.  Visiting London for the weekend and hope to check out some famous music pubs/venues in Camden.
I know Coldplay played Dublin Castle and Dingwalls back in the day.
Can you name me some other venues they played back in the early days?
Pat from Ireland.
I can tell you the Camden venues, but alas, some have closed down permanently. No matter, I will tell you their site addresses (assuming you know where Dingwalls & Dublin Castle are).
Some are quite close in distance.
Laurel Tree (open but now BrewDog) - 113 Bayham Street.
The Falcon, Barfly (closed down, now flats) - 32 Wilmot Place.
Bull & Gate (closed down & mid refurb) - 389 Kentish Town Road.
The Monarch changed its name to Barfly (still open)- 39 Chalk Farm Road (not to be confused with The Monarch a few doors down).
The Forum (still open) - 9-17 Highgate Road (2 minute walk from the old Bull & Gate site).

Here is my suggested order to visit to save you time.
If I were you I would start at The Forum (nearest tube Kentish Town), walk a few minutes to Bull & Gate, walk or get a bus to Falcon site, walk to Laurel Tree site, walk to Dublin Castle, then walk to Dingwalls and finish at the Monarch. There are other venues locally that they have played but a lot later in their career (Koko, Roundhouse...)

If you're heading into town there's also Borderline & 12 Bar Club (just closed down) that are both close to one another off Charing Cross Rd (Tottenham Court Road end).

25 March 2015 / submitted by Faye, Australia
Q.  Hey hey hey,
Is the globe sitting on the amp in the Shiver video the same one from the Parachutes album cover?
I have answered a few questions about the globe over the years. Yes, the one in the video is the same as the one on the cover though there were several globes. They eventually made their way into storage but the original globe was auctioned for charity and raised £8,230 for Kids Company.

24 March 2015 / submitted by Amelia, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,

Do you know where I could download the song 2000 Miles?
In 2003, 2000 Miles was available to download through our website for a limited time only. It went on to be the top selling UK download that year, with proceeds from the sales donated to Future Forests and Stop Handgun Violence campaigns.
The same year, it was also on a Best Buy Christmas compilation CD.
I'm afraid I can't point you to a download of the song though there are many places to hear it online (YouTube for example).

24 March 2015 / submitted by Joshua, Indonesia
Q.  I'm choosing a pet right now. I'm wondering which one is cuter, an iguana or hamster?
Hamster. Personally non-furry pets can't compete with furry ones. #JustMyOpinion

23 March 2015 / submitted by Brian, United States of America
Q.  I'm trying to purchase the song Gravity but can't find it anywhere. I'm told it's on the Talk single but I still have not been able to find a version with Gravity. Can you point me in the right direction?
I'm afraid I can't as I don't have a list of stockists.
Talk was released as a single in both the UK and US (where you are) and the b sides were Gravity & Sleeping Sun so there shouldn't be any problem finding it. It appears there are versions out there without it, but officially - as you probably know - there were two b-sides.

23 March 2015 / submitted by Santa, Christmas Island
Q.  Where was the Shiver video shot?
At the time of the Shiver video, I think their actual rehearsal space was near Angel (North London) but this wasn't shot there. Their ex-video commissioner says it was a place in Brick Lane (Shoreditch, London).

20 March 2015 / submitted by Anonymous, United Kingdom
Lately my mental health hasn't been great - and when I say lately I mean for a period of about 5 or 6 weeks. It's started to show through in social situations and I've had a few embarrassing moments out and about where I've simply been too overwhelmed by everything. I'm a very passive person, and so it's been hard to explain or let people know, or even see how I'm feeling. However, this isn't what worries me the most.
My best friend suffers from anxiety, and has gone through some rough patches before, meaning whenever an incident or anything occurs I'm instantly compared to her, and told to just "stop it", because I don't have to be like that.
It's true, and I feel really awful and selfish because I can't control it and she has it worse than me. I'm just not really sure what to do, but I need to do something soon. I've been constantly feeling guilty about it and need advice. What should I do?
Firstly let me say that it's great you spotted the signs early and have started to question what to do about it.
Secondly, I urge you to continue on this path.
Mental health is not a competitive or a comparative illness. It doesn't matter at all what is happening to those around you. No matter what your friend is going through, your concern must be what it happening to YOU and how you deal with it. Your friend very well may have it worse than you but that doesn't make it any less of an issue.
Your major worry shouldn't be somebody else - that does not make you a selfish person at all.
You've described how overwhelming you find this situation and guilt is the last thing you need on top of that.
I'd like you to put aside every other feeling other than your anxieties. Write them down if that helps. If you aren't getting support from family or friends, try a school counsellor, teacher or doctor who can give you professional help.
Perhaps there is someone else within the extended family unit that you trust enough to tell them how you feel. Ask for help. Even if it proves difficult to find, I promise you it is there.
Maybe you should also talk with your friend. She may understand what you're going though. It might be too much for her so that's for you to gauge and decide if it's an option.
There may be some online information about groups in your area that deal with young people in similar situations - you are not alone.
Be proud of yourself for taking this step, I am. I'm sure that if you can reach out here, you have what it takes to do the same locally.
Over to you.

I'm so sorry that you've been feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Many of us have this problem, and you can't just stop it. You are not your friend. Other people also tend to think that panic and anxiety don't really exist. They are very real, but you aren't crazy, if you happen to feel this way. It sounds to me like you may be having panic attacks which are very real and can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons.
I don't like to be in large groups of people because I feel closed in. I try not to panic by relaxing and taking deep breaths. Then, I try to get to an area that is less crowded. You may need to see your doctor to see if you might need some medication or if you need to talk to a professional. There is nothing wrong any of these answers. You are going to be ok.
When I feel really anxious, at home, I like to listen to O from the Ghost Stories CD. I get anxious when I go to the doctor and the dentist, so I listen to O then too. Think of holding my hand when you start getting overwhelmed, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that you will be ok. I wish you the very best.

I'm married since 30 years, and my wife is, now, constantly in anxiety. The only way to live found on two things:
1. Live constantly without anxiety. How? Listening music, better. The last of the Coldplay as we do, writing things, or idea, translating poems or songs, for yourself and your loved ones.
Enjoy. Gaudete. Filippo.

NO ONE has the right to compare you to your best friend. You are fighting your own battle and the only person you should be compared to is yourself (in terms of whether you are better than before or worse). The fact that someone else is struggling with a bigger problem doesn't imply that your problems are meaningless and that you don't deserve compassion and understanding. You shouldn't be feeling guilty for having a disorder or for the lack of understanding some people show.
First of all, I would advise you to seek professional help. That's one of the tools you need in order to learn how to deal with mental health problems. You should also give it a try and be open about your condition. Your friends and people around you will understand and be supportive if they know what you're facing, not to mention that that feeling of support can reduce the stress social situations might trigger. Just give them a chance. You don't have to give them extensive details. Just take some time and prepare a short answer. It would be good as well if you could tell your family (or whoever is comparing you to your best friend) the way that makes you feel and how it doesn't help you get better.
Hope everything goes well for you. Noelia, Argentina.

Let it go. Accept it and embrace it. Whatever it is that happens in you or your friend, the only way in my opinion not to feel guilty is to just accept it. Sometimes we feel guilty because some part of us feeling denial about us being a better person or a worse person than the one you've been compared to. What really matter the most is don't take everything anyone said about you, especially compare you to your friend. Those people has no right to tell you what you are and what you are supposed to be. She's your best friend, you're her best friend. You can only help each other because you share the bond called friendship. You never know she might feel the same thing to you. Talk to her, and then take some time alone to think. Find things that calm you the most and enjoy your life up to little things like waking up in the morning. Be brave and be confident, in that way you can find yourself as who you really are and embrace yourself.
If it got worse and you think you can't help it any longer, you might wanna seek help from professional doctors. But I hope it won't be any necessary, just be brave, confident, embrace and love yourself. You are beautiful the way you are.
Love, Lavina.

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling that way. What you should do is, stop comparing yourself to others. Never ever compare your problems to those of anyone else! We all cope with things in a different way and just because your friend has anxiety 'worse' then you, doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel anything or should feel guilty about having problems yourself. Besides who judges whether and when someone has worse troubles then you? If your problems feel real and serious to you, then thats what they are! You are not being selfish at all, trust me. I'd suggest you try to talk to someone. This could be a professional someone or someone who you trust and doesn't compare you to your best friend. Find help before it gets any worse is the best thing you can do right now. Good luck! Amanda.

I need you to know that in a way, I know how you feel. I've been through something similar some time ago, I am now in a situation like yours, but I know I cannot compare my problems with yours because it wouldn't be fair.
I'll tell you my problem and I'll tell you how I try to deal with it, in this way you might relate and it might help you.
I can't say I'm a depressive person, but I do have a problem, I cry from everything, I even have crises when I just can't stop crying and it's horrible because I can't talk to almost anyone about it. I don't talk about it because I know there are people out there that suffer a lot more, but you know what? That's wrong sometimes, cause sometimes, you suffer as well and it wouldn't be fair if you would just ignore it.
Don't feel bad about yourself. I understand that your friend's situation is a bit difficult, but you matter as well and don't ever let anyone tell you again to stop, ever. If it's hard, then it's done well and when it's hard, true friends show up.
Be careful and don't think about yourself that you're crazy or something, you're not. All you need is someone to talk to, someone to listen to you and help you and above all, to care about you and to love you.
Take care of you and smile!!
Lots of Love from Romania!
(EDIT: Madalina, the same goes for you! Talk to someone. Oracle.)

It' s hard to understand your problem without knowing your life. What has been happening last 5-6 weeks? What has been happening through your life to grow such state of mind which you call mental health issue? Has it ever happened to you? Do you have mental illnesses in your family,what are your family relations like? Is this first time that you have problems in friendship or it happened before? I think you should answer these question to find a real reason and cause of your problems. Then you can search for a help. That would be some confident person, family member or teacher or psychologist. Somebody should define your anxiety and your state of mind. And you should think about why it has all started and what's the biggest problem that you have in life. I hope you'll find your reasons and some answers,just keep searching and never accepting negativity, you were born to be happy! Love, Kamili.

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