17 April 2015 / submitted by Samuel, United States of America
I have this friend. She hates my guts now. She won't talk to me at all. We were best friends. She said she doesn't have a reason why she hates me... I'm crushed and I've been listening to Warning Sign a lot now. What do I do? I see her 6 times a week.
I feel for you, Samuel. Quite frankly, your friend doesn't sound like much of a friend.
Over the years I have lost friends (both mine and their doing) and I can't say there was ever a time when I didn't know the reason. Even if that reason was that we drifted apart.
If you honestly can't think of anything you may have done or said that she took offence to, it must be very hard for you to try and make sense of it on top of the rejection. Seeing her so often must be painful but try to avoid contact.
Perhaps before you do, write her a letter saying how you feel and ask that at the very least you are given an explanation. It may be that other people have influenced her decision if she's become part of a new circle which is sadly common at a young age.
I'm afraid other than that, there is nothing you can do apart from make new friends and / or surround yourself with people who do want to be friends with you.
Sorry I can't be of more help but in a nutshell, move on and be happy with better friends.
Over to you.

If this is how she is going to treat you then leave them. Seriously. I have been through something similar, and then came to discover that she was not a true friend. I know this type, they change friends like they change clothes. A lot. Be careful, she might be playing around to see if you truly care or not. It doesn't seem like this is the case, though. Good luck Samuel.
Love, Solaf.

I think that all your friend wants is a change. Maybe something happened to her, and now she's just trying to adapt. Maybe she's changing, and all she wants is for the world to change with her.
I just know that this is what my life has been for almost a year now. I've had this feeling, that this is not my life, and the only one who can fix that is me. I'm trying to mould my world into what I need it to be for this new version of myself, because I've changed too much myself already.
I had these friends who cared so much about me, but in the year I finally started living, they've become so distant to me. I hate myself for letting them slip away, but I hate them, too, for making it so easy to let go of them. Maybe this is what your friend is thinking.
I think you need to talk to her. If you really care you need to show her. Because if she is as far gone as I am, you're really gonna need to show her exactly how much you care and how much you're hurting. My friends say that nothing's changed, and we're still close friends, but that's all they do. They're never there for me when I need them, so I wish they'd just stop pretending, stop half-heartedly caring. In short - BE the friends you wish you could be, or just give up, and let her go completely.

I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe she doesn't have a reason, there's always a reason. And if she says there isn't one I think she's lying and you should wonder if she was ever your best friend to begin with. You don't go from being 'best friends' to not talking to each other and lying about the reason why overnight. Can you remember when her not talking to you started? Did something happen that week/day that could've caused her behavior? Are you sure she actually hates you? You could write her a letter, but she'll probably not respond to that either. I know its hard, but I'd walk up to her, ask to speak to her in private and just confront her and ask for an explanation. I really hope it works out, but you might have to consider letting this go. I know that's hard, but in the end you can't force her to be friends with you again and you'll be better off spending your time on making new friends, then waiting around for something that might never happen. Good luck!

What happened to you is horrible, it happened to me many times. Sometimes it ended well and sometimes not so good.
I presume you tried talking to your friend, and she said what was supposed to be said and if not, try to read between the lines. Maybe she told you a reason, but she said it in a way only she understood, this happens every now and then.
If she was and still is your best friend, she doesn't have a reason to hate you, a friend loves you with your good moods and bad moods, with your guts, or without it.
There are times when even a strong person is hurt by certain words or stuff like this, it's normal. Even the strongest fall, but when they rise, they rise like the Phoenix from its ash.
I once told myself that it was my fault, that I was the reason why my friend was mad, but in the end, it's not only your fault.
Talk to each other openly, discuss about everything that comes to your mind, bad or good, funny or not, painful or lovely, this way you will cover every subject of discussion you ever had. Just go in a pub or park or the first place where you met and remind yourselves about the good times and smile and laugh and be again what you used to be.
I hope I helped! I wish you good luck!!
Lots of Love from Romania.

That's good if you listen Warning Sign, but I don't know if it will help you. I hope so!
You realize that you are in love but the other side is not responding you the way you would like it.
I guess she knows about your feelings and she runs away because you have ruined your friendship somehow and she can't stand it. Maybe she has also some feelings for you but she is too afraid and confused. You should talk to her directly and ask her any question about your friendship, I hope it'll make things more clear. It's hard that you see her often but that's good situation for your growing up and maturing. Try to learn how to deal with your emotions and reactions, even if it is difficult, make that situation to serve you for learning. Respect her feelings and decisions; if you can go on as friends or be together or not to be at all, accept that as a life lesson and be patient with yourself and others always knowing that something great is waiting for you,just keep climbing the mountain!
With love, Kamili.

I, like many others, can relate to your situation. As I have grown older I have seen the best of friends come and go from my life and it is never easy. Sometimes it is because we can no longer relate to each other or that we have both matured and the realization hits that we aren't the same people that we once were. I feel for you and I know its never easy. In my experiences the best thing to do is to not force anything and give yourself space from this person when possible. There is a reason why she doesn't want to be around you but you shouldn't concern yourself with that right now. Sometimes you just need to tell people like this that you love them for being such a good friend over the years and that you will always be there for her if she needs someone to talk to. You never truly know what a person is going through and many times letting them know that you are there for them if they ever need anything is exactly what they need to hear. If she does not come around do not take it personally. People change and there is nothing that you can do about it. Keep you head up and continue being a caring and loving person and everything will work out in the end.

Unless she's been through a rough time recently and this is a coping mechanism, I'd say give her a wide berth.
You can't make her tell you why (if there is a why) and you can't make her be friends with you but you can be with other friends who make you feel good instead of her.
Your friend may he hiding something so it's up to you whether to support her from a distance or not. I wouldn't fight for her - not just yet. See if time makes a difference.
Who knows, she may come back and you may be the one telling her that you don't want to be her friend?
I'm sure she doesn't hate you - that's extreme - but weird things can happen inside us when we're growing up and maybe she's struggling with her thoughts and feelings.

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17 April 2015 / submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

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Perhaps it is not really relevant, it is important for me... I'm a very insecure and shy guy, and it is difficult for me to talk to a girl.
The point is that sometimes I fall in love with some girl I know just for a month, it seems stupid, but usually happens, the question is: Am I a womanizer? Thank you in advance.
Andre, Peru.

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The Oracle.
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16 April 2015 / submitted by Anasshoumane, United Kingdom
Q.  @anasshoumane via twitter
In the intro of AIMH and outro of O, before Apple starts singing Don't Ever Let Go, what is the choir singing?
It's not a choir; Apple and her friend Mabel sang (Moses Martin sang the reprise). For both Always In My Head and O the lyrics are:
Oh, don't ever let go. Don't ever let go.

16 April 2015 / submitted by Sally, United Kingdom
Q.  Do you know if Chris still owns the raincoat he wore in yellow, it's my favourite song and I just always wondered?
I have no way of knowing but I'd put money on the answer being "no". As is the nature of videos, it may not even have been his coat.

16 April 2015 / submitted by Abdul, United Kingdom
Q.  I plan going on a trip on my own before I head to college. Is it ok that I want to do it alone and see new people. Is that bad?
I don't think it's bad at all - each to their own. I think you have to do what makes you happy. It can be hard when you leave people behind but you can keep in touch while you're on your new adventure. Start the next chapter and look forward to the stories you can share. College will still be there when you get back.
You may face opposition to your decision but if you're of adult age and you're sure it's what you want to do, go for it.

15 April 2015 / submitted by Saryu, India
Q.  Hi Oracle, I wanted to ask you whether the book they show in the video of Life in Technicolor ii really exists? Is yes, where can I get it from? I hope you answer my question, I have been thinking about that for a while now.
Lots of love.
I answered this back in 2009 but no, it's not real. You can read an interview with the director here to find out more about it.
There are a few unofficial books (pretty much copy / cut / paste jobs) but no authorized Coldplay book as yet.

15 April 2015 / submitted by Marie, United States of America
Q.  I found this video online:

Is it just me or is a Chris walking out and a Chris looking back somewhere around 3:12 at the same time? How is this? Was the walking out part edited in?
Thanks, Marie.
It's just you; the "Chris" looking back isn't Chris.

14 April 2015 / submitted by Dana, United States of America
Q.  Hello All Knowledgeable Oracle! It would be such an honor if you would answer my question I give to you...
I came across this song called Light Through The Veins by John Hopkins on one of my iTunes radios. When I first heard it, it sounded awfully like the beginning of Life In Technicolor. It basically has the same exact notes as the beginning of the boys song, which is kind of frustrating to me. Do you have an explanation for this, dear Oracle? Did John Hopkins pull a Vanilla Ice on Coldplay? Or is this just a remix of some sort?
Thank you! I wish you a wonderful day.
There's a reason it sounds similar but it's not a remix nor did Jon take LiT and do something else with it; it's the other way around. Viva's album sleeve explains:
"Life in Technicolor and The Escapist both incorporate a large sample of Light Through the Veins written by Jon Hopkins."
(The licensing information follows the credit).

14 April 2015 / submitted by Lorenzo, Italy
Q.  Hi Oracle, do you think that relationhips between two people with a large age difference (over 20 years) can stand?
I think it totally depends on the two people; yes in some cases and no in others - as with every relationship.

13 April 2015 / submitted by Peter, United Kingdom
Q.  Did Tim Wheeler of Ash really play guitar on 1.36? If so what part?
Yes, he did - I've always assumed the part Chris would normally play but I can't be sure. There's an article about it here.