Re-live yesterday's Twitter Q&A
23 May 2012 11:40 am
Catch up on Guy and Will's answers to your Twitter questions
Good morning. A big thanks to all of you who took part in our first ever #coldplaylive Twitter Q&A yesterday, when Guy and Will answered your questions from the dressing room in Nice. They both really enjoyed it - and it was great to see #coldplaylive as Twitter's number one global trending topic.  Look out for our Twitter chats with Jonny and Chris very soon - follow the band at to make sure you don't miss it!

In the meantime, here's a full recap of yesterday's chat, in the order that it happened:


@KurstiChesters - #coldplaylive @Coldplay what is your favourite instrument to play other than the Bass?

Guys says: "Probably the electric guitar, with lots of effects pedals. Or the triangle." #coldplaylive

@swebennett - What are your thoughts on Party Ring Biscuits? #coldplaylive

Guy says: "I like those! I haven't seen those for about 20 years, though. It's not the best biscuit but it has nostalgic value"

@WhoIsJaimeDoyle - #coldplaylive hey Guy I allways wondering about the wardrobe for MX. What was the inspiration for the design?

Guy says: "The look was supposed to be like space mechanics" #coldplaylive

@all_the_stars - @coldplay Hey Guy! Any plans to run the London Marathon again? #coldplaylive

Guy says: "I don't think so. To do it once sort of satisfied the sense of achievement that I wanted to have. But it's a really hard thing to put your body through, so anyone thinking of doing it must be prepared to suffer. Might do a half, though."

@fikachan - #coldplaylive in Singapore! Guy, coffee or tea?

Guy says: "Ooh, depends on the time of day. If it's morning it's coffee. But anything after lunch is tea." #coldplaylive

@Switchdude95 - @coldplay Do you prefer touring or recording? #coldplaylive

Guys says: "they're both great for a certain period of time but after a while you crave the other" #coldplaylive

@mlahatte11 - @coldplay hey Guy, how long have you been playing the bass? #coldplaylive

Guy says: "For just about 20 years" #coldplaylive

@LeahHland - @coldplay #coldplaylive Favoruite song at the moment?

Guy says: "I like Hold On by Alabama Shakes" #coldplaylive

@Samadeelio - #coldplaylive whats your favourite flavour of crisp?

Guy says: "It's got to be salt and vinegar, really" #coldplaylive

@jacolien87 - Is there anything you always take on tour (besides your wallet and pictures from families)? #coldplaylive @coldplay

Guy says: "My laptop, my running shoes, several books and sometimes some car parts to work on" #coldplaylive

@parisienne113 - @coldplay Guy, what is your latest obsession? Renovating old buses? Learning to fly? Still antiquing? #coldplaylive

Guy says: "Barn finds. Old, pre-1965 cars that are lurking in barns. If anyone knows of one pls email a picture to"

@dklieve - @coldplay #coldplaylive favourite ever show or venue?

Guy says: "Glastonbury is always very special, but these stadium shows we've done over the last week have been very exciting and special"

@flossymoo85 - #coldplaylive What's you favorite car of all time??

Guy says (after much thought): "I love most 1930s French cars. Bugatti, Delahay, Talbot Lago & Jaguar E-type" #coldplaylive

@BlakeNicholson - #coldplaylive hello fellas. That one super food that can get the creative juices flowing? Alfalfa sprouts? blueberries? papaya? BEETS!!??

Guys says: "Green juice, a mix of apples, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale and ginger. Although I can rarely be bothered to make it!"

@Fatima_m_a - @coldplay #coldplaylive Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Guy says: "I like engineering. The restoration of interesting automobiles." #coldplaylive

@LauraOwenOrange - @coldplay Guy, what's your favourite band? #coldplaylive

Guy says: "The Beatles" #coldplaylive

@Jen_LondonSkies - What happened with your Old Photo Project? I'm curious about that too! #coldplaylive

Guy says: "I've collected a lot of pictures, which I love. But I haven't got round to formalising them into anything. Yet." #coldplaylive

@kathryn_sw - #coldplaylive favourite type of jam?

Guy says: "Raspberry"

@CatCuty_4 - @coldplay what is your favourite book? #coldplaylive

Guy says: "Moby Dick. I also love the Bob Servant books/diaries too & any other book by the author Neil Forsyth!" #coldplaylive

@HaileyCoulsell - @coldplay #coldplaylive what's your favorite movie?

Guy says: "My favourite movie of all time is Stanley Kubrick's 2001" #coldplaylive

@willcamel - @coldplay #coldplaylive do you have any pets? :)

Guy says: "I don't have pets as such, but I have 6 chickens, 4 miniature cows and some tadpoles which are taking ages to sprout legs"

@parisienne113 - @coldplay Guy, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? #coldplaylive

Guys says: "Some place sunny and tropical. Maybe the Maldives. It wouldn't be very practical, though. So I don't." #coldplaylive

@Jakdunne - What do you do to prepare before a gig? @coldplay #coldplaylive

Guys says: "Will, Jonny and I do some vocal warm-up exercises, then get our stage clothes and monitors on. And then we walk to the side of the stage and have a bit of a group moment where we come together and have a bit of a team talk. And then we're on"


@till12 - #coldplaylive who won the game of ps3 football? You or jonny?

Will says: "We always play on the same side. We won 1-0 at the Reebok Stadium" #coldplaylive

@LeonMontesinos - @coldplay have you made a song the you really like but it never came out? if you do... do you remember the name? #coldplaylive

Will says: "There's a song called Famous Old Painters which is great but never saw the light of day" #coldplaylive

@VivaLaWakely - #coldplaylive Who is your favourite Southampton player?

Will says: "Adam Lallana. He's going to light up the Premier League next season." #coldplaylive

@geancabrera - @coldplay Will, what's your perfect getaway? #coldplaylive

Will says: "Tuscany" #coldplaylive

@eloisestargazer - @coldplay favourite constellation? #coldplaylive

Will says: "Orion, because he's an archer and the star which represents his elbow is betelgeuse which glows orange in the sky" #coldplaylive

@EstoyNajla - @coldplay Hello Will, how are you? did you watched the CL final? did you thought that Chelsea would win? #coldplaylive

Will says: "Yes, I did watch it. And I did think they were going to win, just because of the difficult season they'd had." #coldplaylive

@lucasDriedger - @coldplay favorite flavor of icecream? #coldplaylive

Will says: "Hazelnut. Particularly in Italy, where I believe it's called nociola" #coldplaylive

@KamKristen - @coldplay #coldplaylive Whats your favourite French dish ? Good luck for tonight !

Will says: "Steak tartare" #coldplaylive

@xxLouisaxx - #coldplaylive Will, did you try out any other instruments before you found the drums?

Will says: "Yes. Violin, piano, guitar, bass. Tin whistle. Banjo. This is all true." #coldplaylive

@teefa1018 - @coldplay #coldplaylive will, what are your hobbies!

Will says: "Cooking. Drinking coffee. And reading." #coldplaylive

@caaaffy - @coldplay Favourite superhero? #coldplaylive

Will says: "Wolverine." #coldplaylive

@Nishy_xo - Best thing about being in the band? :) #coldplaylive @coldplay

Will says: "Getting to travel the world and play music with my best friends" #coldplaylive

@Rickyj17 - @coldplay Who do you think will win the Euro? #coldplaylive

Will says: "I think either Holland or Spain. But you can never rule out the Germans." #coldplaylive #euro2012

@GottaLuvMileyC - @coldplay favourite band? #coldplaylive

Will says: "Probably the Pogues at the moment" #coldplaylive

@aninhanadhyas - @coldplay what's your favorite food that you love to cook? #coldplaylive

Will says: "Ooh, good question. Risotto." Jonny says: "What do you put in it?" Will says: "All manner of things" #coldplaylive

@lenochka_42 - Your favourite song at the moment? #coldplaylive

Will says: "Tell Me A Tale" by Michael Kiwanuka #coldplaylive

@Kid_Ale - @coldplay #coldplaylive Favourite classical composer? ;)

Will says: "Richard Strauss. He has a famous piece of music called The Four Last Songs, which was my grandfather's favourite" #coldplaylive

@StyleScribbles - @coldplay favorite location you made a song/vedio at? which song? #coldplaylive

Will says: "It's got to be the Paradise video, which we recorded on a cheetah sanctuary in South Africa" #coldplaylive

@Chloe_428 - @coldplay #coldplaylive favourite painting? :)

Will says: "I've got a few, but anything by Canaletto and I love Ben Nicholson" #coldplaylive

@Callumore - @coldplay best band you've toured with? #coldplaylive

Will says: "We've had the pleasure of playing with the Arcade Fire at some festivals, who are awesome" #coldplaylive

@vale_schiavi - @coldplay favourite architect?! #coldplaylive

Will says: "Yes. I like Rudolf Schindler. He built the first truly modern house in LA in the 1920s" #coldplaylive

@milacamargos - @coldplay Seriously, why Politik is out of the setlist? #coldplaylive

@coldplay - Will says: "To use a football analogy, it's played 10 seasons in a row and it needs a rest" #coldplaylive

@Gem_W_ - @coldplay favourite comedian? #coldplaylive :D

Will says: "Bill Bailey." #coldplaylive

@LucyFreeth - @coldplay #coldplaylive your favourite biscuit with a cup of tea? : )

Will says: "It would have to be choco liebnitz. It's like a rich tea but with half an inch of solid chocolate on top" #coldplaylive

@amskkk - @coldplay #coldplaylive if you were a shoe what shoe would you be?.......

Will says: "I'd be a brogue" #coldplaylive

@_barbaragodoy - @coldplay #coldplaylive what your tattoo means?

Will says: "It's my daughter's hand print" #coldplaylive

@reskyclvrn - @coldplay when you were a student in elementary school, who's your favorite teacher? #coldplaylive

Will says: "My history teacher, Mrs Petherham. For not giving me too much of a hard time when I bunked off to go to Glastonbury!"